New Recipe: Looking for a fancy breakfast option? Try chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s egg muffins

Bored of having to choose between the usual breakfast options? If you are looking to try something new today, chef Sanjeev Kapoor has got you an exciting dish to satiate your cravings. We are talking about egg muffins — yes, you read that right!

The chef recently shared a recipe video on Instagram which shows how to make egg muffins with three different types of fillings –mushrooms, sausages, and cherry tomato and cheese. Take a look:


1 tsp – Butter
1 tsp and 1 tsp- Oil
6-8 – Button mushrooms
1 – Chopped onion
¼ tsp – Red chilli flakes
5-6 – Chicken sausages
5-6 – Cherry tomatoes
50 gms – Mozzarella cheese
Black peppercorn to taste (crushed)
5-6 – Basil leaves
¼ cup – Refined flour
2 tbsp – Butter
6 – Eggs


*Heat butter in a pan.
*Add oil and then the mushrooms. Mix and allow it to cool once cooked. Keep it aside.
*Now heat some oil in the pan again. To this, add the chopped onion.
*Add red chilli flakes and saute till translucent.
*Once done, add the chicken sausages, cut them into small pieces. Mix for a while and allow it to cool.
*In a bowl, take the cherry tomatoes. To this, add the mozzarella cheese, crushed black peppercorns and basil leaves. Mix the ingredients well.
*Add refined flour in another bowl, and some butter. Add the eggs. Whisk well.
*In a muffin mould tray, put the sausages, cherry tomato mixture and mushrooms separately in each of the compartments. Now add the egg mixture on top of each of them.
*Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10-12 minutes. Your egg muffins are ready.

When are you trying this mouthwatering dish?

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