New Recipe: Make professional quality ice cream sandwiches with this $16 kit

If you’re one of those people that reflexively goes, “well, actually,” after seeing a kitchen unitasker, I’ll kindly ask you to head for the exits of this blog post. Please, single file, and maintain your social distance. Drive safe, and have a great weekend!

Okay, everyone that’s still here: we’re making ice cream sandwiches! This $16 kit from Chef’n includes two silicone molds to help you bake four pairs of ice cream sandwich-sized cookies from scratch, in whatever flavor you’d like. Brownie mix? Chocolate chip cookie dough? Exotic options like carrot cake? It’s all fair game.

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, Large, Black –

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Once they’re baked, use the included tools to add your ice cream into the rectangular mold, press the two sides together, and stick that sucker in the freezer for a few hours. 

If you can maintain your patience, when you pop the finished sandwiches out of the molds, the frozen cookies will have just the right amount of structure to hold your sandwich together, and your ice cream will be a perfectly ergonomic rectangle with just the right mouthfeel. Could you muddle your way through an ice cream sandwich recipe without this mold? Probably. But would the results be this perfect, and would clean-up be this easy? Absolutely not. $16 well spent, if you ask us. 


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