New Recipe: Make your summer healthy and sweet with the king of mangoes

Alphonso Mangoes

Is it just me, or do you wish mango season lasted all year? Mangoes are readily available in the market during the months of June, July, and even August. However, many people avoid eating mangoes once the rains begin because they spoil quickly. So you’ll have to eat as many mangoes as you can in the next two months.

Mangoes come in many varieties in India, including kesar, badami, dasheri, langda, safeda, totapuri, chausa, neelam, and alphonso (hapus). Every person has a favorite mango variety. 

Alphonso mangoes, also known as hapus in the area, are our favorite. They’re the juiciest, most delectable, and also the priciest. They’re mostly shipped out. Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the Konkan belt are among the places where they are grown.

Use mangoes that are not fibrous and sweet when making any sweet-based dish or beverage with mango. Half-ripe or even slightly sweet mangoes should not be used in beverages, cakes, or sweets because they will disturb your stomach.

Mangoes, whether fresh or ripe, can be used in a variety of dishes. Aamras, mango lassi, amrakhand, mango ice cream, and mango kulfi are some of the most common mango recipes.

Mango Desserts:

Kulfi with mango: Making delicious mango kulfi at home is simple, fast, and a cheat’s version. Whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, cream, and, of course, mangoes go into this mango kulfi. Mangoes with a smooth, non-fibrous pulp should be used. I used both kesar and alphonso mangoes in this recipe.

Kesari de mango: Smooth, silky, and a fantastic mango kesari recipe. Sooji halwa is known as kesari in South India. There are several different types of kesari, including this mango kesari.

Aamras: It’s a typical sweet that goes well with pooris, and it’s simple to make. Mango is referred to as Aam, while juice is referred to as Ras. The word aamras roughly translates to “mango juice.” Aam ras is traditionally made with the alphonso variety of mango. However, some sweet, juicy mangoes would suffice.

 Ice cream of mango: Mango ice cream that is smooth and fluffy without the use of an ice cream machine. Mangoes, fresh milk, and sugar/honey make up this three-ingredient mango ice cream. Yes, vanilla is used as well, making it the fourth ingredient in the recipe. It is, however, completely optional, and you can easily ignore it.

Shrikhand: It’s a famous yogurt-based dessert made with ripe mangoes. This shrikhand preparation contains no chemical colors or flavors.

Mango cake: Made with whole wheat flour, fresh mangoes, butter, and condensed milk, this egg-free mango cake recipe is simple and delicious.

Aam Falooda: Fresh mango puree, chopped mangoes, and mango ice cream are used in this simple, fast, and delicious mango falooda recipe. As one of my friends put it, “this mango falooda is kind of death by mangoes,” or “mango heaven.” For mango lovers, this is a must-try dish.

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