New Recipe: Mary Berry recipe: TV chef shares Easter hot cross bun recipe – and they’re freezable

Mary Berry has shared a plethora of recipes in her time as a chef and baker from savoury to sweet. With Easter just around the corner, many may be looking for a simple hot cross bun recipe to bake at home. 

Mary then adds the yeast and the salt but recommends putting the powders on opposite sides of the mixing bowl.

She added: “If you put them together on top of each other, you’ll find that it won’t rise so well so you mustn’t mix them one on top.”

Then, add the lemon zest along with 40g of melted butter, the egg as well as the 300ml of milk.

Work the mixture altogether until it comes together in a dough. 

Mary said: “Now, I’m ready to shape the buns, everybody has got different ways of rolling, you can just bring it in from the side and if you’re very proficient you can do it with two hands.”

Once shaped, place the buns onto a baking sheet and cover them for an hour for a final proof. 

The chef then piped the cross onto the top with a simple flour and water paste. 

The hot cross buns then need to be placed into a 200 degree oven for around 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Mary added: “I think they look splendid. What’s lacking is a lovely glaze on top.

“Warm golden syrup gives them a lovely, delicious sticky finish.”

These hot cross buns can be eaten fresh or placed in the freezer for up to one month.

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