New Recipe: Masterchef 2021: Tommy loses dessert challenge by filling tart with ice cream

One of the Masterchef teams has been accused of throwing a contestant under the bus after he’s made to make a dish he knows isn’t his strength.

Desserts have a way of undoing cooks in the Masterchefkitchen, and this time it is all because of a tart with an unusual filling. 

On Monday night’s episode the contestants are split into three teams, and must compete in a group pressure test.

Kindergarten teacher Tommy is tasked with plating up a dessert dish, which he admits to his team isn’t his strength.

It doesn’t go to plan at all with Tommy serving up a plan C to the judges, after his first two ideas fail.

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Poor Tommy struggles with his part in the team challenge. Source: Channel Ten.

Tommy left with dessert

The three teams of six cooks are given six dishes to make with different time frames – a mayonnaise, a fish fillet, steak, pasta, curry, and the final dish a 75-minute baked dessert with ice cream and sauce.

The blue and purple teams have a clear ‘dessert’ cook, but the green team doesn’t.

When everyone has shotgun their dishes to make – and Dan volunteers to sit out – Tommy is left with the dessert which he voices his concerns about.

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Tommy’s two ideas fail

As the challenge goes on and the purple team’s Therese, looks comfortable making her chocolate flourless cake, and the blue’s team Tom looks cool creating his a sticky date pudding, Tommy is a ball of nerves.

His dessert is the only thing separating the green team from an elimination cook, with his team and the blue team on two points and the purple team on one point. 

His original dessert recipe is a creme bruleee tart but the custard isn’t thickening, so with six minutes to go he changes to making a lemon curd with Dan- who chose to sit out of the challenge – calling out instructions from the gantry. 

But that doesn’t work either. 

With one minute left in the challenge, Tommy is forced to fill his tart shell with ice-cream – much to the horror of his teammates.

“Lemon curd… it was like a Hail Mary it just did not work,” he says.

He runs back to the fridge to grab his tart and black sesame ice cream and fills the tarts with ice cream.

“I’m going to call it ice cream tart, I’ve got no other option,” he says.

“Is there such a thing as ice cream tart – not that I know of. I could be the first of something amazing”

Tommy left to use his ice-cream as a filling for his tart. Source: Channel Ten.

The judges decide

The judges find it “really close” between two dishes – but it isn’t Tommy’s ice-cream tart. 

“Tommy unfortunately that dish wasn’t complete, dessert is not your strength today,” judge Andy Allen says.

Blue team’s Tom ends up winning the point, which leaves the Purple team in a pressure test tomorrow night.

Internet calls out lack of teamwork

The internet quickly reacted to Tommy being thrown under the bus by having to do a dessert, knowing it wasn’t his strength.

Someone wrote that his team, “left him up sh*t creek”.

While another person said, “Poor guy. Brave putting his hand up for dessert when no one else in his team would.”

And a third said, “Tommy did not want to cook dessert. The green team let him down.”

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