New Recipe: Missing That Football Stadium Food? Whip These Up At Home To Watch The Game Instead

Stadium food is great, but have you ever eaten a warm, sugary funnel cake fresh out of the fryer?

We’re all missing the atmosphere of the big game day lately. While some stadiums are beginning to allow fans back in at moderate levels, many of us still might need to wait it out a season to root for our favorite team from the stands. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen – it’s just happening slowly. So while it might seem like time is moving like molasses in terms of major league sports seasons, there’s one thing that we can do with all that time we won’t be on the road to the stadium: cook.

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Football food is a staple when it comes to tailgating and enjoying the game on the big screen and with most of us doing it from home, there’s plenty of time to cook up our favorite stadium-inspired dishes. From chili dogs to a full-sized pizza, everything tastes better when it’s homemade… and it might make the time pass a little faster between our big screens and the big seats.

Chili Dogs

Chili dogs are 100% an iconic football food. They’re also an iconic baseball food but that’s an article for another time. Making them isn’t as challenging as you might think but it does take some time to make a chili dog the right way. And, by that, we mean making homemade chili to go on top of a perfectly grilled hot dog.

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The chili can be made with any recipe of a fan’s choosing but it should be kept quite simple. Large pieces of vegetables and tons of beans will only lead to a hot dog that’s too messy to eat, which meat-rich chili that’s thick will coat the hot dog and make it easier to handle.


There’s no end to the types of nachos that can be made for game days. Of course, you could stick with simple, no-fuss nachos and smother them with shredded cheese, nacho cheese, diced tomatoes, onion, lettuce, jalapeños, and sour cream, or you could revamp them.

matzo nachos

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We’ve got some great nachos suggestions but any recipe can be made better simply by adding or changing ingredients. Rather than diced tomatoes and onions, opt for pico de gallo. Rather than sour cream, opt for mild guacamole. Rather than nacho cheese, make your own beer cheese sauce.

Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes could not be simpler to make at home and the recipe to do so is incredibly easy. Any basic funnel cake recipe will grant fans the results that they wish to achieve, and it’s really the art of getting the powdered sugar on there without it melting into the funnel cake that becomes the toughest part.

a salted caramel funnel cake at epcot

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A regular funnel or a piping bag will help anyone at home get that classic funnel cake shape, and you can definitely have fun with this. There’s nothing better than pulling a hot, golden-brown funnel cake out of the pan and feeling like you’re sitting in a football stadium.


Making a burger can be trickier than it seems. Many things can go wrong and they could be underseasoned, undercooked, overcooked, or dry. The best way to avoid this is to break off a tiny piece of burger meat prior to making the burgers and cooking it, this way you’ll be able to taste for seasoning and anything else before every patty is made.

aussie burger with the lot

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Dress up burgers with homemade sauces, pretzel buns, unique toppings such as guac or pulled pork, and have fun with them. Or, make them classic with cheddar and bacon, but with a twist – such as a spicy BBQ sauce and crispy onions.


Similar to funnel cake, churros are a great alternative. They’re slightly more complicated than a funnel cake to make but they’re just as delicious. The hardest part about making a churro is probably finding the right piping tip, which is a large star-shaped tip (they usually come in a beginner kit).

homemade churros

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What to serve them with, though, is the question. You can’t go wrong with classic caramel sauce but there’s also nothing like a decadent dark chocolate sauce, either. Or, you could go with both!

Buffalo Wings

The trick to buffalo wings is to avoid over-breading them or crowding them in the fryer. A simple coating of seasoned flour on the outside is all you really need to get them to crisp up, and let the hot oil do the rest. You’ll also want to avoid overcrowding them in the fryer or pan because this can cause the temperature of the oil to drop, which will mean slower cooking times, soggy wings, and the potential for undercooking them.

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In terms of sauce, of course, buffalo sauce is a classic and you can’t go wrong with it. However, the best part about making buffalo wings at home is that you have the option to mix, match, and create sauces, so this is your chance to try out those spicy Korean wings you’ve had your eye on.

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