New Recipe: Mom asks if she was wrong to boycott family Easter because it’s too ‘kid-centric.’

Family-friendly activities and events that allow parents to bond with their children can be fun, but parents also have an identity outside of constant conversation about the best kindergarten or the healthiest cookie recipe…

Spending time with other adults and talking about subjects that kids shouldn’t be hearing is critically important for parents, and it can be difficult when it feels like every event has to involve the kids. While finding childcare last minute can be difficult, and letting children come along can often be easier, if a friend or family member wants to prioritize adults-only time, it’s necessary for the relationships to listen. Especially if some members of the friend group or family are child-free, it’s not fair to completely leave them out of every conversation or activity just because they made the choice to not have kids. Are kids really going to have a fun day debating politics at the wine tasting, or is it so much to ask for a quiet day at a pool without kids screaming and splashing with their “mom look at me” tricks?

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