New Recipe: Mum reveals how she makes her bed like in a hotel with four easy steps

Hotel style bed tips pics: TikTok/@mama_mila_

Chantel shows the simple steps to get the corners of your sheets perfect (Picture: TikTok/@mama_mila_)

It’s been a long time since any of us have been able to spend a night in a plush hotel.

And if you’re missing that luxurious feeling of sinking into a hotel bed, you can take a few steps to make your own bed a little more like that.

One woman has revealed how she uses flat sheets and a folding technique to make her beds look just like something out of a top class hotel.

Chantel Mila, who posts as mama_mila_ on TikTok, revealed her technique in a video.

Not only does it look neat, but it helps to stop the sheet coming undone.

She starts by tucking the sheet under the end of bed so the sides dangle loose.

Then lift the corner of the sheet to form a triangle shape, then tuck it along the side of the bed, ensuring the triangle shape stays in place.

Finally fold the triangle down and tuck.

Chantel says: ‘Treat yourself to the simple luxuries.’

While many said it was something they already knew, others said getting the corners of a non-fitted sheet looking neat was something they struggled with.

Those who had worked as nurses or in hospitals added it was something they’d learned there too.

Over 19,000 people liked the clip.

One said: ‘Perfect hospitality corner.’

Another added: ‘Love it! so useful.’

It’s not the first time Chantel’s hacks have proved popular – she’s also posted a chocolate chip cookie recipe many people loved and shared how she gets her bathroom sparkling.

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