New Recipe: Nigella Lawson fans alarmed by bizarre choice of ingredient in her chocolate brownie recipe

Nigella Lawson has flabbergasted fans with her recent ‘recipe of the day’ choice – in which she adds meat to chocolate brownies.

“Don’t get alarmed,” the celebrity chef advised her Instagram followers, as she revealed the unusual recipe of the day on her page earlier this week.

But, judging by the outcry in the comments, her reassurance fell on deaf ears.

The recipe – for ‘Bacon Brownies’ – used a classic chocolate brownie recipe, with an added not-so-secret ingredient; streaky bacon.

Nigella recommends finely chopping rashers of streaky bacon then frying them in golden syrup until crispy, before adding to the brownie mix.

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She assured her followers that the nuggets of salty bacon are “so so good with the sweet, rich chocolate….”

But the internet wasn’t exactly convinced by the unusual food pairing.

“Mother of God,” said one Instagram follower, adding: “You’ll be telling us to suck them through diesel next.”

“So do you serve with a side of ice cream or eggs?” asked someone else, clearly unable to decide if the recipe was sweet or savoury.

“I might have to sneak this into the family cake tin and see who screams first,” said one prankster.

One person even thought the post by the celebrity chef had been made in error.

“For a minute I thought you’d broken your phone,” they said.

“Could this be reheated in the mic-row-wavy?” asked one person, who couldn’t resist another jab at Nigella’s bizarre pronunciation of ‘microwave’.

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However, other followers were keen to give the recipe a go, describing chocolate and bacon as ‘the perfect combo’.

And a huge number of people commented to ask Nigella if she could do a vegan version of the recipe, using ‘plant-based bacon’.

“PLS MAKE A VEGAN VERSION with THIS ISNT BACON,” begged one follower, who said they ‘want to be involved in this historical moment’.

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