New Recipe: Norwich ice-cream firm celebrates 100 years with lollies

A Norwich ice-cream firm celebrating 100 years said it may bring back a lolly made in the 1960s for good – if people want it.

Damian Hunt, Lakenham Creamery, Norwich

Damian Hunt at Lakenham Creamery.

– Credit: Danielle Booden

Damian Hunt, general manager of the Lakenham Creamery, commemorating its centenary by relaunching the Aldous ‘Creamy Pops,’ said they were only making a limited number.

Damian Hunt, Lakenham Creamery

Damian Hunt, Lakenham Creamery.

– Credit: Danielle Booden

In fact, the lollies, made from the firm’s renowned ice-cream and available in strawberry, vanilla and lime, are not actually made at the factory in Trafalgar Street.

Damian Hunt, Lakenham Creamery

Damian Hunt, Lakenham Creamery.

– Credit: Danielle Booden

Instead, an initial order of 250 made from Lakenham Creamery ingredients was made at Suffolk firm Lickety Ice, in Lowestoft.

Creamy Pops, Lakenham, Norwich

The relaunched Creamy Pops

– Credit: Danielle Booden

But if there is enough demand for the ices, Lakenham Creamery said it would invest in the specialist equipment to make them in-house, Mr Hunt said.

“We ordered the first batch of 250 and they cost £2.30 each which isn’t cheap but it’s a good-sized lolly and people are happy to pay £2 for a Magnum.”

The Creamy Pops are only sold from the factory shop in Lakenham or the firm’s market stall.

Mr Hunt has worked in the business for many years and took over in 2020 when he faced the challenge of Covid.

Aldous ices, Norwich

Old photos showing the Aldous ice-cream van in Norwich city centre.

– Credit: Supplied

The small firm – employing a handful of people – kept up sales to its supermarkets such as Waitrose and the Co-op throughout lockdown but suffered a loss of sales to its smaller shops, delicatessens and farm stores, amounting to about 50pc of its overall business.

“The weather was awful, we had snow and the last thing on anyone’s minds was ice-cream,” said Mr Hunt.

The firm is now looking forward to May 17 when a lot more of its customers in hospitality will be reopening and able to sell its products.

Aldous ices Norfolk

Queuing up for an Aldous ice-cream.

– Credit: Supplied

The firm started out in 1921 with Mr Aldous making the ice-cream from a recipe using fresh milk and cream, which continues today.

Christmas Aldous Norfolk

Christmas Aldous, the founder of the firm.

– Credit: Supplied

Mr Hunt said: “We’ve kept going for so long purely down to the quality of our ice cream. As for doing anything different, we have created chilli ice cream and one from a sweet onion but vanilla remains our best-seller and I can’t see us changing anything.”

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