New Recipe: Paula Patton clucks back at viral fried-chicken recipe haters

Paula Patton is all about “peace, love and fried chicken.”

Earlier this week, a clip of the 46-year-old frying up chicken for her son, Julian, went viral — eliciting backlash for her cooking methods.

On Tuesday, the “Warcraft” actress acknowledged the motherclucking reaction.

“I just wanted to respond and say, listen, I get it.” she said in an Instagram video she shared from Mexico. The post was captioned with the phrase: “Peace, love and fried chicken ❤️.”

“It might look crazy. It is the way we do it. My mom taught me,” Patton added.

The “Jumping the Broom” star was criticized across social media for not thoroughly washing her raw chicken and for her seasoning process. The latter included adding spices to the chicken while it was already frying in the pan, rather than coating the poultry beforehand.

“It’s all good because everybody’s got their own way of making things,” she continued.  

“And I’ll take suggestions. I’ll make a new kind of fried chicken, but I’m gonna always make my mom’s chicken the way she did it,” she added. ‘We put the seasoning in the oil and all that. It’s just the way we do it.”

Twitter caught wind of Patton’s clip only this week — even though her chicken-making video was posted to her social media account in March — and haters have been blasting her since.

“Paula please go take a chicken frying class cos that’s just ridiculous,” commented one concerned viewer, while another noted, “Paula Patton needs to start off with something easier like toasting bagels.”

“I saw Paula Patton season grease this afternoon… Stop the world, I wanna get off,” journalist Dart Adams wrote. Meanwhile, one naysayer joked, “Paula Patton’s chicken is like eating dry cap’n crunch and then drinking milk.”

fried chicken
An Instagram video of Patton cooking chicken for her son went viral earlier this week.

Some also came at the biracial actress — who was raised by a white mom and an African-American dad — for her recipe, suggesting that her frying process was indicative of which parent she took after. (As she acknowledged, it is her mother’s recipe.)

“Paula Patton and her mom’s fried chicken recipe,” one individual tweeted. “She ran that chicken under water for 2 seconds. She put the chicken in flour with no seasoning. She SEASONED the chicken while in the GREASE?! I am sick and mad.”

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