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Start a conversation

Learn the art of deep conversations with communication coach Thea May, who will share three core skills needed for having deep conversations. May will teach you how to go beyond small talk and open up to share your thoughts with others. March 26, 12.30 am. Register on

Drumming it up

Register for the Drumming for Transformation workshop to learn more about hand drumming and its benefi ts. Drumming is known to release negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma. The activity also reduces tension, anxiety and stress. March 29, 11.30 pm. Register on www.

Finding humour

Humour Sessions presents a webinar titled Measuring Response In Standup. You will get detailed information regarding how to measure the response to a joke from the audience in various types of online and offl ine events. Anybody who is interested in comedy can join in. March 21, 9 pm. Rs 29. Sign up on www.bookmyshow. com.

How to crochet

Sign up for The Crochet Basics Workshop with Shruti Kumar to learn the slow and focused art of weaving patterns and creating designs by interlinking yarns of thread or wool. The session will take place on Zoom. March 25, 5 pm. Rs 499. Sign up on

Short and sweet

In this workshop titled Lemon Curd Cookies, you will learn how to prepare the most delicious lemon curd and the perfect sweet pastry to combine in a delicious cookie. The recipe will be useful for other desserts like lemon meringue pie. March 28, 10.30 pm. Register on www.


Bake cakes

The Basics of Eggless Cakes workshop is perfect for anybody interested in baking. Participants will learn to make Dutch truffl e chocolate cake, mango cream cake and sponge cake vanilla and chocolate. Added to that, you will prepare ganache and whipped cream. You will also learn the techniques of slicing, layering, trimming, crumb coating and piping. March 24, 3.30 pm. Rs 2,950. Sign up on

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