New Recipe: Pokemon Legends Arceus Full Request List: All 94 Requests and Rewards

1 Wurmple Can Evolve You will need to give a Wurmple to Beauregard to complete this task 3 Dazzling Honey Jubilife Village 2 Adorable Starly Simply show the Marli a completed Starly Pokédex entry 10 Poke Balls Jubilife Village 3 What Did Shinx’s Ears Look Like? Show the Toshi a Shinx 3 Potions Jubilife Village 4 Big Buizel, Little Buizel Show Dorian a Buizel bigger than 2’8″, follow this guide for information 1 Experience Candy S, and 5 Oran Berries Jubilife Village 5 What It Takes to Be Awesome Give Sho 5 Poké Balls 3 Grit Dust Jubilife Village 6 Mushroom Cake Marketing Give Morel a Springy Mushroom The Mushroom Cake recipe Obsidian Fieldlands 7 Playing with Drifloon Investigate the Drifloon at the Prelude beach in the evening time 1 Stardust Galaxy Hall 8 Bothersome Bidoof Find 3 Bidoofs in Jubilife Village with a Bidoof already within your party 1 Rare Candy Galaxy Hall 9 Zubat’s Eyes Show Clarissa a Zubat 2 Aux Power Galaxy Hall 10 Wurmple’s Evolved! Show Beauregard a Silcoon 1 Experience Candy S Galaxy Hall 11 The Timbre of the Fields Show Yeo the completed Kriketot Pokédex entry 3 Vivichokes Obsidian Firelands 12 A Perfect Pickling Stone Give Radisa a Geodude Pokemon 1 Experience Candy S and 3 Honey Cakes Galaxy Hall 13 Trees That Bear Berries Give Bjorn 3 Cheri Berries 15 Poké Balls Obsidian Fieldlands 14 Berry Helpful Give Andra 5 Oran Berries 3 Revives Jubilife Village 15 Balloon Race in the Fieldlands Burst 17 Balloons while you are playing through the Obsidian Fieldlands balloon race 1 Rare Candy, 15 Feather Balls Obsidian Fieldlands 16 Strange Happenings at Midnight Investigate Sanqua’s house at night 7 Nanab Berries Jubilife Village 17 To Bloom or Not to Bloom Show Kichi the completed Cherrim Pokédex entry 5 Vivichoke Jubilife Village 18 Please! Make me a Pokéshi Doll! Show Anvin a ‘Pokéshi Doll’ 1 Pokéshi Doll Jubilife Village 19 A Peculiar Ponyta Show Yota the special Ponyta 5 Razz Berry Galaxy Hall 20 The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp Show Paira the Chimchar found from the Obsidian Fieldlands 2 Exp. Candy S Jubilife Village 21 Back-Alley Mr. Mime Help find Mr Mime in Jubilife Village 2 Aux Guard Galaxy Hall 22 Eerie Apparitions in the Night Collect 107 Wisps and meet Vessa nearby the ‘Odd Keystone’ statue at night-time Spiritomb catching chance as noted on our guide, and a Twice-Spiced Radish Jubilife Village 23 Getting Ahold of New Wares Give 3 Hearty Grains to Tao Hua New items at the general store for purchase Jubilife Village 24 Inspiration from Hippopotas Show Anthe a female and male Hippopotas A set of clothing items added to the store similar to the previous request Jubilife Village 25 The Pokémon in the Woodland Photo Show Dagero a Buneary Further Photo Studio options Jubilife Village 26 Aim for the Big Leagues! Get a score of 10,000 points in the target practice activity A Nugget and 15 Great Balls Jubilife Village 27 Help Wanted: Plowing the Fields Give a ground-type Pokémon to Miller Farming Fields Jubilife Village 28 Measuring Your Compatibility Show Belamy a Pokémon you have a high friendship level with 1 Rare Candy Jubilife Village 29 The Search for Bitter Leaves Show Shinon a Petilil 5 Hopo Berry, and 3 Fine Remedy Jubilife Village 30 A Beautiful Rose… Show Berra the completed Roselia Pokédex entry 2 Experience Candy S and 5 Grain Cakes Crimson Mirelands 31 Setting up the Bogbound Camp Defeat 3 Stunky A new base camp Crimson Mirelands 32 The Headache-Stricken Psyduck Get Secret Medicine from Tomma in Galaxy Hall and deliver it to Martia 1 Max Revive Crimson Mirelands 33 What a Massive Mushroom! Give Morel a Parasect 5 Candy Truffles Galaxy Hall 34 Croagunk’s Curative Poison Give Pesselle a Croagunk 3 Full Heals, 3 Experience Candy S Galaxy Hall 35 Battling with Pachirisu Win a battle against a level 30 Ursaring by only a Pachirisu 3 Sitrus Berry, 1 Grit Gravel Galaxy Hall 36 Watering with Care Show Odo a Pokémon who can use ‘Water Pulse’ move, then battle the Sudowoodo and win it 3 Experience Candy S and 15 Heavy Balls Galaxy Hall 37 The Fragrance of Nostalgic Herbs Show Risa a Tangela 5 Smoke Bombs, 2 Experience Candy S Galaxy Hall 38 Gone Astray … in the Mirelands Find Wanda using Ursaluna south of Gapejaw Bog 3 Stardust Galaxy Hall 39 All about Magikarp Show Ceci a completed Magikarp Pokédex entry 1 Rare Candy Jubilife Village 40 The Charm Lost in the Swamp Interact with the glowing sparkles in the swamp, then battle the Hippowdon, and win against it 5 Iron Chunks, 1 Grit Gravel Crimson Mirelands 41 An Elegant Tail Show Asabei a Glameow 2 Aux Evasion, 2 Grit Gravel Jubilife Village 42 Help Wanted: Watering the Fields Give Miller a Pokémon with a water-type move within the moveset of that Pokémon for a short amount of time Additional fields for farming Jubilife Village 43 More New Wares Bring Tao Hua 3 Pop Pods New items at the general store for purchase Jubilife Village 44 The Pokémon in the Nighttime Photo Show Dagero a Duskull Further Photo Studio options Jubilife Village 45 Shellos of the East and West Show Anthe East Sea and West Sea Shellos A set of clothing items added to store Jubilife Village 46 Setting up the Coastlands Camp Find Yorrich at Sand’s Reach Another new base camp Cobalt Coastlands 47 Balloon Race in the Coastlands Burst 24 balloons in the ‘Cobalt Coastlands’ race 1 Nugget, 10 Ultra Balls Cobalt Coastlands 48 Taste of Home Bring Floaro 2 Hopo Berries, 3 Hearty Grains, and 1 Razz Berry 5 Experience Candy S and the Jubilife Muffin recipe Jubilife Village 49 Keep an Eye Out for Aipom! Follow and battle the two Aipom 1 Experience Candy M and 5 Scatter Bangs Cobalt Coastlands 50 Double the Tails, Double the Fun Show Netta a Finneon 1 Star Piece Jubilife Village 51 Coming Up Roses Talk to Hiemo with a Scyther within your Pokémon party 1 Seed of Mastery Obsidian Fieldlands 52 Eevee’s Evolutions Interact with Umbreon in Galaxy Hall and give it a Jubilife Muffin to have 1 Rare Candy, 1 Fire, Thunder, or Water Stone for your character Galaxy Hall 53 Octillery’s Ink Show Radisa the completed Octillery Pokédex entry 1 Experience Candy M and 5 Bean Cakes Jubilife Village 54 Serving Up Swap Snacks Give Bonn a Springy Mushroom, Hopo Berry, and a Sootfoot Root The ‘Swap Snack’ recipe Jubilife Village 55 Poor, Peckish Piplup Give Maris a Bean Cake 5 Razz Berry, 3 Hyper Potion Cobalt Coastlands 56 Getting Help from Machoke Show Bosley the completed Machoke Pokédex entry 1 Aux Powerguard and 3 Grit Gravel Cobalt Coastlands 57 The Taste of Honey Show Almous a Combee from Ramanas Island, Grueling Grove, and Aipom Hill 3 Kings Leaf and 3 Dazzling Honey Galaxy Hall 58 Gone Astray … in the Coastlands Find Wanda using the Ursaluna within an island in the Castaway Shore 1 Star Piece Galaxy Hall 59 Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse Show Arezu a Misdreavus Further hairstyles for your character Jubilife Village 60 Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields Give Miller a Pokémon who knows the Rock Smash move for a short amount of time Additional fields for farming Jubilife Village 61 Even More New Wares Bring Tao Hua 3 Crunchy Salt New items at the general store for purchase Jubilife Village 62 The Pokémon in the River Photo Show Dagero a Turtwig Further photo studio options Jubilife Village 63 Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam Show Anthe a Wormadam A set of clothing items added to the store Jubilife Village 64 Getting to Know Ghosts Show Ward the completed Gastly Pokédex entry 1 Linking Cord Jubilife Village 65 Setting up the Mountain Camp Reunite the Bronzor with the one across the river from you A new base camp Coronet Highlands 66 The Sea’s Legend Bring a Buizel, Overquil, and a Mantyke to the pointed rocks in the Cobalt Coastlands. Enter the cavern after that opens when this is completed and then catch the Manaphy 3 Comet Shards Galaxy Hall 67 The Clefairy’s Moonlit Dance Go to the Fabled Spring in Coronet Highlands at night-time during a full moon 5 Salt Cakes and 2 Experience Candy M Galaxy Hall 68 A Nosepass to Guide the Way Give a Nosepass to Gully A Black Augurite and 2 Experience Candy M Galaxy Hall 69 Gone Astray … in the Highlands Find Wanda using the Ursaluna on a ledge in the ‘Lonely Spring’ 2 Star Pieces Galaxy Hall 70 Colorful New Looks Give Anthe a Green Shard, Blue Shard, and a Red Shard New clothing items added to store Jubilife Village 71 New Wares Yet Again Give Tao Hua 3 Sand Radishes New items at the general store for purchase Jubilife Village 72 Pesselle’s Easy Errand Give Pesselle 100 Medicinal Leeks 1 Adamant Mint and 1 Modest Mint Galaxy Hall 73 Which Is the Real Burmy? Show each type of Burmy to Tarush, Leif, and Duna, and show them the completed Burmy Pokédex entry 3 Experience Candy M and 1 Leaf Stone Jubilife Village 74 A Bit of Help from Blissey Battle against the Abomasnow to help Blissey and Pippa 2 Max Revives and 1 Shiny Stone Galaxy Hall 75 Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse Show Arezu a Kirlia Further hairstyles unlocked for your character Jubilife Village 76 Mushroom Hunting with Swinub Find 3 mushrooms with a Swinub already in your Pokémon party 1 Experience Candy L and 5 Sand Radishes Galaxy Hall 77 Gone Astray…in the Fieldlands Find Wanda using the Ursaluna Pokémon. 3 Star Piece Galaxy Hall 78 Setting Up the Icepeak Camp Find Craig on the other side of the river A new base camp Alabaster Icelands 79 Balloon Race in the Icelands Pop 30 balloons in the ‘Alabaster Icelands’ balloon race 3 Nuggets Alabaster Icelands 80 The Perfect Pickle Recipe Give Radisa 2 Plump Beans, 2 Crunchy Salt, and 2 King’s Leaf The ‘Twice-spiced Radish’ recipe Jubilife Village 81 In Search of a Fiery Pokémon Give Brice a fire-type Pokémon 3 Full Restores and 1 Experience Candy L Alabaster Icelands 82 Traces of a Lost Village Defeat the Frosslass and find the Old Journal 1 Dawn Stone Galaxy Hall 83 Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow Find the 5 Alolan Vulpix in Alabaster Icelands 1 Experience Candy L Galaxy Hall 84 The Bergmite Enthusiast Show Dominia a completed Bergmite Pokédex entry 3 Grit Pebbles Alabaster Icelands 85 A Home under the Eaves Help Chimecho find a permanent home A Sun Stone and a Rare Candy Galaxy Hall 86 Gone Astray … in the Icelands Find Zeke using Ursaluna in the ‘Alabaster Icelands’ A Peat Block, Ice Stone, and 5 Star Pieces Galaxy Hall 87 Rolling with Spheal Follow the Spheal through the ‘Bolderoll Ravine’ 1 Rare Candy and 5 Sticky Garb Coronet Highlands 88 Steely Lucario Battle the Lucario at the training grounds 1 Grit Rock Galaxy Hall 89 The Diamond Clan’s Treasure Defeat Adaman in battle 3 Comet Shards and a Adamant Crystal Crimson Mirelands 90 The Pearl Clan’s Treasure Defeat Irida in battle A Lustrous Globe and 3 Comet Shards Alabaster Icelands 91 On the Trail of Giratina Catch Giratina in Turnback Cave 1 Grit Rock Jubilife Village 92 A Token of Gratitude Help Medi at the Fieldlands Camp and catch Shaymin. 1 Grit Rock Galaxy Hall 93 The Darksome Nightmare Search for the ‘mysterious Pokémon’ at the ‘Clamberclaw Cliffs’ at nighttime and catch the Darkrai 1 Experience Candy XL Galaxy Hall 94 Incarnate Forces of Hisui Catch the ‘Force of Nature’ Legendary Pokémon 4 Experience Candy XL Galaxy Hall

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