New Recipe: Potato cupcakes with curry. Easy vegetarian recipe

Potato cupcakes with curry.  Easy vegetarian recipe

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Potato cupcakes with curry. Easy vegetarian recipe

The papas They are really fantastic vegetables since you can prepare them in many ways as well as use as an ingredient in a stew. They are ideal for those seeking alternatives to the typical rice or pasta. Plus, you can make and reheat them at almost any time and they’ll still taste great.

Ingredients for two people

Today I propose that we do this prescription very attractive about curry potato cupcakes which are a delight of taste and texture. Curry is a very interesting spice as it enhances the flavor of any preparation. The important thing is not to abuse in quantities so that you do not end up overshadowing the other ingredients of a recipe.

Let’s clean the potatoes for later peel and grate them with thick cut. Then we place them in a bowl in which we add the egg and season with the curry, salt and pepper. We stir well to integrate all the ingredients grated potatoes. Finally we chop the onion that we add to the rest along with the ground bread.

Heat a little oil in a comal or a frying pan. With a couple of soup spoons we form the cupcakes that we put to roast in the hot oil for about four to five minutes on both sides. It is important that the oil is hot but that the fire is not too high so they don’t just burn from the outside. As we remove them from the pan we place the potato cupcakes on absorbent paper.

Processing time | 30 minutes

Difficulty | Easy

These delicious curry potato cupcakes They can be used perfectly as a dish for vegetarians as well as a garnish to accompany a protein such as meat or fish. If you are going to want to reheat them, I recommend doing it in a traditional oven so that they are slightly crunchy.

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