New Recipe: Recipe: Delicious and healthy vegan ice cream for guilt-free indulgence

We know you are in shock after reading the words healthy ice cream in the headline. But let us tell you, it is not a myth. There are ice creams that are healthy as they are made with natural sugars. They are also a gift from the food gods for all the lactose intolerant people as it does not contain any dairy. Even after making these tweaks, the vegan ice creams are equally delicious as the normal ice creams if not more.

However, getting vegan ice cream from the market is an expensive affair, making it at your home, not so much. Not just that, it is also extremely simple to make and an amateur chef can do it too. Once we share with you the recipe, we can bet that you will be making it at least twice a week. The best part about these recipes is that, more or less, it has the same base and the flavours can be changed according to your preference.

You can make coconut flavour, peanut butter, mint chocolate chip or chocolate, without any hassle. All this ice cream talk has made us crave this delicious dessert. So, without any more delay, let’s start:

Vegan Ice Cream Recipe:


1-2 frozen over-ripe bananas (per person)

Splash of any vegan milk

Optional flavours: vanilla, cacao, peanut butter or whatever you have. Berries can also be used but they make the consistency a bit thinner due to the water content.


Tip: The bananas should have brown spots on them so you know they’re super ripe. Also, cut them into smaller pieces before freezing.

For the first step, put the frozen bananas along with the flavour of your choice into a high-speed blender with just a splash of milk (1 tbsp or so). Add more milk only if it won’t blend. The more milk you add, the thinner the ice cream gets.

Freeze it for a good 6-7 hours to get the ice cream consistency and then enjoy.

Pro health tip: If you want to make it a little healthier you can add a small handful of white beans to the blender. A good way to add some protein to it without impacting the flavour much.

You can even have this ice cream as breakfast as it is super healthy and well, delicious.

(Recipe courtesy: Instagram/ handsfreemum)

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