New Recipe: Rooibos tea ice cream – Quick, easy and so South African

If there is one product typical and proudly South African, it is our indigenous rooibos plant. Visit any South African and you are likely to be offered rooibos tea among other drinks. Imagine, knocking on someone’s door on a hot day and you are offered rooibos tea ice cream! Certainly, an offer no South African will be able to decline.

We are now well into autumn, so there is time to enjoy ice cream before winter starts knocking on our doors. And what better time to try out a new dessert recipe than Easter weekend? So, if you have not decided on a dessert to surprise your family and friends with, this rooibos tea ice cream is your solution.

Rooibos tea is so much part of South African culture that many consume it every day. Apart from being delicious, it is 100% caffeine-free and loaded with immune-boosting properties. In fact, rooibos tea is so healthy, that many mothers offer it to their little ones as a drink from time to time.

This Easter, add some sweetness with this delicious rooibos tea ice cream recipe.

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