New Recipe: Shruti Haasan Spills The Beans On Her Favourite Food, Dessert And More

Good food makes Shruti Haasan happy. The actress and singer is a complete foodie and has no qualms admitting it or even talking about her love for food. She enjoys trying out new cuisines and also takes great pride and pleasure in cooking, as is evident from her Instagram posts. And her love for all things food was explored once again in a recent Ask-Me-Anything session that the 35-year-old star engaged in with her fans. Being her generous self, she treated us with some revelations that have left us hungry and impressed. We stalked her Instagram for all the details and we aren’t complaining. Let us take you through the talented Shruti’s favourite dishes and cheat meals.

Favourite food? No surprises here. The answer is a typical South Indian meal served on a banana leaf. Yummy, isn’t it? We know that Shruti Haasan has an intense sweet tooth and is a big lover of chocolates. So which are her top picks? A bar of black forest flavoured chocolate, potato chip chocolate and white chocolates.

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And it is not just chocolate that Shruti loves to binge on. She has an equal love for ice-creams as well. The logical next question would be: Favourite flavour? “Vanilla,” she says, adding, “Boring but good.” In case you want to treat her with another flavour, Shruti revealed her second favourites which are Pistachio and Matcha. 


Shruti’s love for multiple cuisines was also evident in her pick for her three favourite desserts. It ranged from Japanese cuisine to Indian dishes, with desserts such as Mochi ice cream, jalebi, and fresh berry cream cake featuring on her list.


When asked to pick between avocado and mango, she said, “The best of both.” Well, we would do the same, wouldn’t you? When in the mood for fruit, custard apples have always been an easy pick, says Shruti.


Shruti, who also loves spending time in the kitchen recently shared with us her recipe for vanilla cake. The toppings that the actress used had us wanting to dig into the cake immediately. Sharing the post, she wrote: “Here’s a cake to celebrate the festivities in lockdown style! Happy to everyone! PS- the cake was slightly cracked cause it’s gluten-free but any of you who know me know I loved cracked people and things. PPS – do not over whip the frosting else it will curdle into yucky…Ok, bye.”

Shruti believes in eating healthy and tries to stick to her diet most of the time. But she also loves to treat herself once in a while. Tell us your favourite dish from Shruti’s list.

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