New Recipe: Spicy vegetable curry with pumpkin fritters

A bowl of rich, aromatic curry is a hearty meal very few South Africans can decline. This spicy vegetable curry is a flavoursome dish super comforting and nutritious. This dish is perfect for an individual who prefers a vegan and /or vegetarian diet as it is completely plant-based.

Serve this satisfying curry dish with white basmati rice. It pairs really well with cinnamony pumpkin fritters to provide a striking contrast to the spiciness of the curry.

If you are a mom with kids, getting them to eat veggies can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. However, with this delicious curry dish, your little ones will not even know they are enjoying some tasty veggies! You may just need to adjust the spiciness level depending on the tolerance level of your children.

This spicy vegetable curry is amazingly versatile. You can simply use any veggies you have available.

If you prefer, you can serve the pumpkin fritters rather as dessert with ice cream.

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