New Recipe: Star vs Food Episode 1 Review: Kareena Kapoor adds flavour to boring pizza

In a career spanning over two decades, you have seen Kareena Kapoor Khan don many hats. You have seen her garner appreciation for her killer acting performances, you have seen her groove to some of the most iconic songs and of course, you have seen the actress play the role of a mother and wife so effortlessly. However, on celebrity cooking show Star vs Food, which is now streaming on discovery+, you will see the actress take up the challenge of cooking a surprise meal for her close friends. Kareena claims she has no prior experience in cooking, and that makes it quite interesting to know if she will be able to slay her new role. You will see the actress bake a gourmet pizza from scratch on this episode with the help of chef and owner of the restaurant, The LoveFools, Sarita Pareira.

Star vs Food’s concept is simple and quite worn out, to be honest. It is something we have been exposed to several times before. Previously, we have watched cooking shows with celebrities appearing as guests and cooking as per an old family recipe or in some cases just act as the sous-chefs. The appearance of a star increases the appeal of a show manifold and Star vs Food is no different. It is old wine in a new bottle.

The show marks Kareena Kapoor’s first appearance after the birth of her second son. On the show, therefore, the actress talks about her pregnancy cravings. We are all aware of the Kapoor khandaan’s obsession with food and the actress reveals how food brings joy to her family. “So, basically like through the pregnancy, it was just like a constant craving of wanting Pizzas and Pastas. It was just weird throughout, both my boys,” she said.

While Kareena is not really a pro in the kitchen, the men of the house, Saif Ali Khan and Taimur are ever ready to experiment with food. She reveals how the father-son duo loves being in the kitchen. “I think during the lockdown, everyone was kind of making banana bread, I didn’t make banana bread, but Saif was really experimenting with a lot of food,” the actress added.

Even though she was whipping up a gourmet pizza on the episode, Kareena recalled this one thing her mom Babita Kapoor told her about cooking simple food. “My mum always told me when I was kid that if the cook makes a good moong dal he is a good cook, don’t go by the fancy things,” Kareena said while slicing pieces of burrata. The show is replete with anecdotes from the life of one of the most desirable Indian actresses.

Does Kareena Kapoor struggle in the kitchen? Well, it is but natural for someone who does not frequent the kitchen to find it a little difficult to adapt. Kareena gets there one step at a time under the close guidance of chef Sarita. The actress makes a Stuffed Burrata and Pesto Pizza and the final dish will make your mouth water. It is a recipe which anyone can try in their home, all you will need is some fancy ingredients.

Kareena invites three of her close friends – stylist Tanya Ghavri, yoga instructor Anshuka Parwani, and friend Shibani Satyani – on the show. It ends with the four friends enjoying a meal in an outdoor setting. While they sat down for the meal, they also played a game of rapid-fire. During the segment, Kareena was asked about the three things she takes to bed with her. With a chuckle, Kareena said, “A wine bottle, pajamas and Saif Ali Khan. I think it’s the perfect answer.”

Kareena Kapoor is, of course, the USP of this particular episode of Star vs Food. She is expressive, naughty and quite entertaining to watch. She keeps us engaged with her antics, and we can’t deny we love it. However, in terms of novelty, this show scores average points.

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