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 Sweet E’s Bakery brings classic dessert favorites to Downtown Jonesborough, many of which are crafted with family recipes. 

Erin Parks runs the bakery with her mother, Debbie Parks, and her father, Robert Parks.

Erin Parks describes them as a “Foodie Family,” whose brother is the owner of the Chocolate Shoppe that was previously located downtown. She has early memories of baking with her grandmother, particularly her signature apple pie. 

“Our apple pie is passed down from her, and that’s the recipe we use,” she said. “From the time I can remember, five or six years old, I was always in there helping her peel apples.”

Park’s daughter Eiley, who has recently taken on the family tradition of learning to bake, was the inspiration behind Sweet E’s Bakery.

Sweet treats, like the ones pictured above and at the top, are available at Sweet E’s in Jonesborough.
(Photos by Kendal Groner)

In March 2020 the family decided to open Sweet E’s Bakery. Parks remarked on how enjoyable it has been for them to connect with their customers and really get to know members of the community.

“We love it down here,” Parks said. “Everybody is so friendly and supportive of each other.”

Sweet E’s offers cookies, cakes, bars, cheesecake, panna cotta and an assortment of flavored frostings. Some of the most popular treats at Sweet E’s are their chocolate chip cookies, pecan bars, tiramisu, key lime and pecan praline cream pie, as well as the almond, vanilla, and chocolate cakes. 

Each week the bakery offers a “cake of the week,” with past favorites being orange cake with honey pastry cream filling, honey swiss meringue buttercream, and almond with raspberry filling.

There are also seasonal items and new baked goods to try each week.  

“We’ll switch up our pies, we’ll switch up some of our cookies, and we’ll switch up our bars,” Parks said. “Hopefully there’s something new in here each week that people can come in and try. We have some family recipes, and then we have some that we create. We’re always trying to make new things and better our stuff.”

The shoppe stays busy with special orders, many of which are pies, cobblers and cakes for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Curbside pickup is available for orders, as is delivery with a small delivery fee. They also try to offer a gluten-free option in the shop, as well as a nut-free option. 

“We love being here in this space,” Parks remarked. “We prep Monday and Tuesday, and then, I mean, we’re baking cookies pretty much all day long.”

Sweet E’s Bakery is located at 103 Fox Street in Downtown Jonesborough. They are open Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any desserts can be ordered with a 48-hour notice. 

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