New Recipe: Synergy Flavours puts the breaks on calories in sweet baked treats

According to the UK flavour specialist, the all-natural, next generation ingredient combines flavour technology, functionality and mouthfeel to replicate the taste and texture typical of baked goods, but puts the brakes on calories that come hand in hand with the indulgent treats.

The development comes as pressure continues to build on producers to reduce the calorie content of their goods. However, they’re faced with a major challenge in that consumers refuse to accept a reduction in flavour, with 84% pointing it out as an essential component.

Mintel research also reveals that 70% of consumers believe it is the manufacturer’s duty to deliver healthier indulgences.

All the taste, less the fat

Synergy said its pioneering ingredient will enable producers to simply reduce the fat content in baked goods with minimal recipe adjustments, but still produce a product that is packed with all the indulgent features of a full fat product.

In a reduced-fat muffin recipe, for example, the company claimed the all-in-one calorie reduction solution will result in a 37% reduction in fat, a 22% reduction in saturated fat, and a 14% reduction in kcal. Sensory tastings between full fat and reduced fat control samples and those with the solution found the latter still scored high on indulgence, sweetness, creamy mouthfeel and overall aroma.

“We are fully committed to improving the dietary health of the nation by using our flavour technology and our taste modulation platform to support reformulation of lower calorie products,” ​said Ian Butler, innovation director, Synergy Flavours.

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