New Recipe: The Best Things to Try This Week, According to Our Editors

1. Bake Some Banana Bread


I had bookmarked blogger/Smitten Kitchen cookbook author Deb Perelman’s Ultimate Banana Bread eons ago and, thanks to the five greasy black bananas whose aroma has filtered through my kitchen for the last week, I had a compelling reason to finally make it. I was skeptical of the “ultimate” part, but hot damn, this is good bread. And definitely a recipe I’d recommend following exactly as written. It calls for two heaping cups of mashed banana, and I think the more overripe the fruit, the better. The banana flavor is superb. I’ve made a lot of banana breads, fussy ones to which I’ve added everything from coconut to bourbon. This no-frills one truly is a keeper.  

2. Watch “Patriot”


I already wrote a whole article about this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take the space I’m afford here to recommend this Amazon Prime television show emphatically. “Patriot” is hilarious, exciting and unexpectedly moving. John Tavner just became one of my favorite television characters ever.

3. Go Bucks! And Go to the Fiserv Forum


Went to a Bucks game last Friday. I was apprehensive (first big night out in a year!), but came away so impressed with the terrific protocol they are following. The attendance is very limited – every other row is empty, and the number of people in a row seems to be capped at four in the same party. Masks are enforced – there was a section monitor who came around frequently to make sure the masks were on, and not just pushed down around the chin! Sadly, the Bucks lost, but it was a great night. If you were thinking of attending a game but unsure of how safe it would be, I encourage you to give it a try. Great job, Bucks!

4. Stuff Your Face With Birria Tacos


I know Ann has already Stuff Your Face With Birria Tacos, but I’m going to underscore it because I will be thinking about my three quesi tacos from Chuy’s Red Tacos for a long time. They’re spectacular – so rich, so delicious. I’ll probably go cheeseless and skip the consommé on my next visit because I’ve never thought about my heart so much as during this meal. The truck is outside parked The Farmhouse Paint & Sip at 4511 S. Sixth St., with several outdoor tables available.

5. Check Out “WandaVision”


I’m kinda tired of superhero movies and shows. So I only begrudgingly agreed to start watching “WandaVision” on Disney+, and only because my fiancé kept pestering me to give it a chance. But I’m glad I did! It’s one of the most wonderfully weird series I’ve seen in years. And it’s as much a homage to Hollywood history as it is a superhero show.

6. Get Outside and Look at the Moon


On Monday, my husband got a text instructing him to go outside and look at the moon. We were curious enough to get our cozy selves off the couch and take a look. After walking a full lap around our house, we finally spotted it, and it sure was worth it. I’m not an astronomer, but the moon was big and bright, and according to my sources, it will be for the rest of this week (the weather is supposed to be pretty nice too). If you missed Monday’s moon, you can check out our favorite photo, here. 



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