New Recipe: The perfect brunch with friends

We all love having friends over an incredible meal and brunch is one of our weekend favourites, just like yours. The great thing about brunch is that it is a glorified breakfast. It is the perfect opportunity to add sweetness and a dessert-feel to the spread. Banana bread is great by itself any time of day, but add some whipped cream and sweet sauce and you have a whole different treat. We are adding another layer to your brunch meal by frying it and giving you fried caramel banana bread.

Your fried caramel banana bread brunch

Banana bread has had a resurgence and you’ll be making your own once again. If you have your own recipe, you’re welcome to use that too. We have decided to add some more buttery fried goodness. Pan-fried toast will never be the same and the extra buttery crispiness will only be improved by some sweet caramel sauce. The sauce is just as easy to make and will be drizzled over the top and you can add a dollop of fresh whipped cream too. If you want to get even more over the top, why not turn it into French toast with an egg white dredge?

Brunch will never be the same again and your place will be the new place to be. Try our fried caramel banana bread and find out what true food joy is.

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