New Recipe: The Worst Food Trends We Ever Saw On TikTok

TikTok didn’t stop at pancake cereal. Rather, pancake cereal opened the floodgates for more breakfast food adaptations, each more unnecessary than the last. Enter: mini donut cereal, an aesthetically pleasing take on a classic breakfast that served as an instant injection of whimsy amidst a boring and frankly terrifying year. That is, perhaps, the only conceivable reason that donut cereal ever gained any traction.

Before going viral on TikTok, donut cereal was actually already a thing. Kellogg introduced two flavors of Donut Shop cereals — pink donut and chocolate donut — in 2017, but TikTok’s viral trend took the oft-overlooked classic and made it significantly worse, if only for the extraordinary effort it takes to make a single bowl.

To make TikTok’s donut cereal, you have to first make a bunch of mini donuts. Depending on your donut recipe, it may or may not require a Herculean effort to find some fresh yeast, wait for said yeast to rise in the dough, and to bust out your at-home deep fryer skills. Then, you’ll have to ice the donuts, wait for the icing to solidify, and put the doughnuts in a bowl with milk, where they will inevitably become a soggy mess in 60 seconds flat.

While anyone can make doughnut cereal, did anyone ever stop to think whether or not you actually should?

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