New Recipe: These bran and oatmeal muffins are a great way to start the day

Bran has such a dowdy reputation, even though lots of us are grateful for its beneficial effect on something my mother used to call, euphemistically, “what ails you.” Prunes and prune juice suffer the same reputation for the same reason.

A few years ago, the prune producers actually tried to rename them as dried plums, but it didn’t stick.

Bran-intensive cereal, the most obvious one being All-Bran, occupies a very small space on grocery shelves, though some of my pals have said it is hard to find at all, what with the rest of the child-beloved, sugar-laden cereals crowding it out. It’s too true: All-Bran looks like a pile of twigs when turned out of the box, and who would want to eat that?

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