New Recipe: Things You Should Order Off The Secret Menu

According to people in the industry, here is a list of 17 items that are never ordered BUT delicious!

  1. Popeye’s: Apple Pie. “It’s old school, deep fried like the McDonald’s ones USED to be 20 years ago. Delicious.
  2. Burger King + Arby’s: Rodeo Burger + Jamocha Shake. “Soooooo tasty.”
  3. Wendy’s: Frosty Float. “You can make any combination from chocolate or vanilla ice cream (frosty) and basically any other soft drink they have. I recommend strawberry fruitopia and chocolate ice cream.
  4. Any Ice Cream Shop: Blended Banana Split. “At your local ice cream joint, order a banana split and basically tell them to put the whole thing in the blender and make a milkshake out of it.
  5. Sonic: Lake Water. “At my local Sonic we have a drink called the Lake Water. Recipe: Sprite +Lemon shot +Powerade shot +Raspberry shot +Peach shot. So good. Also, a pineapple + Dr. Pepper.
  6. Taco Bell:Cheesy gordita crunches at taco bell, and you can get these with a dorito shell on the inside….godly.
  7. Dairy Queen: Midnight Truffle Blizzard. “At Dairy Queen, the Midnight Truffle blizzard is a chocolatey masterpiece but not many people order it. Also: grilled chicken sandwiches with only barbecue sauce.
  8. McDonald’s: Chicken & Waffles. “Best breakfast ever, the McDonald’s chicken and waffles. Order the southern style chicken and ask for it on a mcgriddle bread instead of a biscuit.
  9. Little Ceasar’s:Get the ‘Italian’ cheese bread with garlic cream cheese dipping sauce. So much cheesy buttery win.
  10. Wendy’s / Arby’s: Cheese Dip + French Fries. “Order a cup of melted cheese at both Wendy’s and Arbys and dip your fries, nuggets, whatever in it.”
  11. Chuch’s Chicken: “Almost all of their sandwiches are MUCH better than the regular chicken. You want good chicken, go to Popeye’s, you want a chicken SANDWICH, go to Church’s.”
  12. Subway: Tuna + Bacon. “Put bacon on a tuna subs, it was amazing!
  13. Subway: Chicken Pizzaiola. “The chicken pizzaiola. It comes with the plain chicken strips, pepperoni, and marinara sauce. It actually may not be on the physical menu at stores but it’s on our registers. Also the pizza sub and then the chicken chipolte. Here’s a tip when you order a flat bread sandwich, ask them to flip the bread over, it taste so much better with the lumpy side on the outside.
  14. Burger King: Veggie Burger. “The veggie burger is absolutely delicious but no one knows we even sell it.
  15. Starbuck’s: “Oreo” Frappuccino. “White mocha frappicunno with java chips, and a scoop of vanilla bean. Tastes just like an oreo.
  16. Domino’s: “Lava Cakes from Domino’s.”
  17. Five Guys: Grilled Cheese. “Grilled cheese from Five Guys. Just fill it with all your favorite toppings. It’s really good, pretty cheap, and filling.”

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