New Recipe: This marbled bundt cake is the perfect Easter treat!

The bundt cake is a spring time classic, with its history dating back to it gugelhupf roots – a doughnut-shaped cake popular in Central Europe, specifically Germany and Poland. The modern version is slightly smaller, but this traditional sharing cake is still a popular choice of dessert for parties and gatherings due to its festive and easy-to-share nature.

The cake had a comeback in 1950s America and has since become a popular Easter dessert, with recipes online putting fun, festive twists on the traditional ingredients. Try out this gorgeous, fun recipe this weekend to make the perfect sharing dessert for the Easter table!

You’ll need…

300g butter

250g icing sugar

5 eggs


150g flour

100g cornstarch

5g baking soda

200g milk chocolate

Mini Eggs

Turn on your oven to 180C.

Place butter into a a large bowl and use a whisk to whip it until it’s thick and smooth, Add in icing sugar and whip again until blended. 

Break one egg at a time into the mixture and whisk again until blended.

Halve the mixture and put one half into a different bowl.

Melt chocolate and mix it into the mixture in bowl 1. 

Pour 75g of flour, 50g of cornstarch and 2.5g of baking soda into each bowl and stir.

Grease your bundt tin and pour half of bowl 2 (no chocolate) into the bottom of the tin. 

Pour a layer of bowl 1 (chocolate) on top and use a toothpick to swirl it a little into the non-chocolate mixture below.

Pour the last of the non-chocolate layer over the chocolate layer and swirl any remaining chocolate mixture on top. 

Bake for 1 hour at 180C.

Tipping it out of the tin and right-side-up, allow it to cool, before dusting it with icing sugar and filling the centre with Mini Eggs, for a cute and festive touch!

French curl doughnut

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