New Recipe: This No-Sugar, Dairy-Free Mango Ice-Cream Is Our Current Obsession

It is a truth universally acknowledged – if it is summertime in India, we are bound to look for all kinds of recipes that could satisfy our mango cravings. In chutneys, in kulfis, in milkshakes, in cakes – mangoes can be used just about anywhere. Also known as the ‘king of fruits’, mangoes are available throughout the year in various forms. It takes a true mango lover to tell one variety from another. Fortunately, for this paleo mango ice cream, you can use just about any variety of mango that is available around you.

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For the unversed, ‘paleo foods’ include a range of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that were available in the past to all hunter and gatherers. The paleo diet rules out all foods that were made available to mankind after farming was introduced. Milk is also prohibited in the paleo diet. Needless to say, the diet encourages you to eat like our ancestors, also rules out processed food. The paleo diet emerged as one of the most popular diets of the decade gone by. However, there are many for whom the diet has not proved fruitful enough, therefore, it is best to consult an expert before you plan to embark on this diet.


Mangiferin in mangoes could stabilise blood sugar levels
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In any case, this paleo ice cream would appeal to everyone who loves mangoes, whether or not they are on a paleo or vegan diet.

To make this ice cream, you have to blend bananas to a point it turns creamy. If the consistency is not smooth enough, you blend again. Taking frozen bananas may prove more helpful in making this ice cream. After you have blended the bananas, you are supposed to chop up your chilled mangoes and blend them with the bananas until you get a fine paste. Pour the batter into a dish, stir some chopped almonds and dig in. That’s right, blended bananas act as a substitute for dairy and who needs sugar when you have sweet mangoes, right? This ice cream does not even require freezing. Serve chilled, immediately.
Here’s the detailed recipe of Dairy-Free Mango Ice Cream ( With No-Sugar).

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