New Recipe: This Viral Ice-Cream From Kerala Gives Sweet Spin To A South Indian Dish; See How It Is Made

Be it a new recipe, or a fusion dish, or a makeover of an old recipe, internet is full of several inventive creations. It is always exciting to see popular foods get reinvented into something completely different with a tie-up of contrasting flavours – momo paratha, dosa ice cream roll, chocolate gol gappa, the list is endless. The latest one to make a grand entry is a complete transformation of a traditional south Indian recipe called puttu. Read on to find out what it is.  

Puttu is a common breakfast item in Kerala; it is also found in some regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Puttu is a cylindrical log made of steamed rice and coconut shavings, often swathing a sweet or savoury stuffing inside it. It is made in a cylindrical steel vessel called puttu kadam. This recent makeover of puttu gets rid of all the main ingredients of rice and coconut but is made in the same vessel. The recipe that is trending these days is of ice cream puttu.  

Watch the video here: 

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The video was posted on YouTube channel Foodie World and has more than 1.2 million views so far.  Apparently, this new, sweet version of puttu is the latest rage in Kerala as we could see a few other food vloggers trying it out in restaurants. Instead of rice, the puttu kadam is filled with layers of different flavours of ice cream, and instead of coconut flakes, the ice cream log is decorated with corn flakes. Dry fruits and raisins are also added to it.   

The videos show a puttu kadam placed on the table of a restaurant with steam emitting from the bottom part of it. Then the puttu is opened to let out the perfectly formed cylindrical ice cream log. 

Here’s another video that shows how the viral ice cream puttu is made. Check it out: 

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