New Recipe: This Viral TikTok Recipe Might Change The Way You Eat Oreos

TikTok user @hasaneats captured the attention of TikTok with a fried Oreo recipe, which was demonstrated in a video that has gone viral. The post has thus far generated 4.2 million views, 271,000 likes, and 1,550 comments from amazed TikTok users. 

The video instructs fans to coat the Oreos in their choice of pancake batter and then air fry them. This recipe uses the protein-packed Kodiak mix prompting the “OMG AIR FRIED PROTEIN OREOS???!!” comment. After Air-frying the cookies for three minutes at 390 degrees, the warm treats are shown being dusted with powdered sugar. 

“12/10 its bussin bussin,” read the text over the final product, which, according to PopBuzz, means the air-fried Oreos are really good. Many of the posted reactions were in agreement, sharing “I just tried this and I’m obsessed,” and “just made these and they were bomb.” Some users tagged their friends suggesting they give the recipe a whirl, while others offered ingredient alternatives like “I bet this would be good with Girl Scout cookies too,” and “What about wrapped in cookie dough then in the fryer.” 

Of course, a viral video would be boring without a few shrewd comments. Some claim, unimpressed, that fried Oreos are nothing new, and others displayed their distaste with statements like “Prepare to be highly disappointed!!!” and “that looks revolting.” Regardless if you love or loathe them, air-fried Oreo’s made with protein pancake mix sound like a win-win to us.

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