New Recipe: TikTok’s Newest Trend Is Basically Cake For Breakfast

Making cake-like baked oats for breakfast is simple and involves a blender, oats, an egg, baking powder, cocoa powder and a sweetener. While Jawad calls for a banana in her blog, Feel Good Foodie, she also offers up substitutes in case a banana isn’t handy; she says an additional egg or 1/4 cup of milk will do. Put all in the ingredients in a blender and blitz until everything can be poured out (if you’re using milk instead of a banana, this won’t really be a problem, but giving the oats an extra spin also means you end up with a texture that could be closer to a rough oat flour). In fact, without the addition of a raw egg, the mix almost looks like a smoothie.

She then instructs that you pour everything into an oiled ramekin (or muffin cups) and then bake that until its ready to be consumed. The resulting breakfast treat may look confusing in a “how can this be healthy” kind of way, but your body will likely give you thanks for making the effort. One more thing: Jawad highly recommends consuming the baked oats warm, because leaving it to cool before consuming could leave you with a disappointing mouthfeel.

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