New Recipe: TikTok’s viral blueberry cookies are vibrant and vegan

It’s an eye-catching cookie that gets its vibrant purplish-blue color from a not-so-secret ingredient.

The latest sweet treat to go viral on TikTok is a naturally colored blueberry treat from food blogger Justine Doiron, who shares her recipes on her blog, Justine Snacks, and on TikTok.

Doiron posted a TikTok featuring her vegan blueberry cookies in March, and it’s gotten lots of attention among home bakers: Over 460,000 users have watched it and over 88,000 have liked it.

“I love finding ways to make out-of-the-box and creative bakes,” Doiron told TODAY Food. “My big tagline is that I break baking rules, and this cookie is a great example of that. I wanted to make a vibrant, fun-colored cookie, and it looked like blueberries were the best way to achieve that.”

Doiron, a pescatarian, made the cookies vegan because she likes to create recipes that minimize impact.

“We are so lucky to live in a world where we have tons of options that help minimize our environmental impact, so my philosophy is: Why not choose those options and subtly vote with your wallet?” she explained. “It’s not about making a huge drastic change to your life, but more about how collectively we can all make small choices to create a huge change in the food processing system — case in point: the huge shift from dairy milk to plant milk in the past decade.”

I tried Doiron’s beautiful and eco-friendly recipe in my own kitchen, and made a berry big mistake: My cookies didn’t reach the beautiful blue hue of Doiron’s, which I blame on not heating the blueberries long enough before combining them with vegan butter and sugar.

My attempt at Doiron’s cookies was not the most successful, which I blame on not heating the blueberries enough before adding to the batter.Terri Peters

Nevertheless, they were delicious, with a light, airy texture that melted in my mouth and the flavors of a warm, fresh blueberry muffin, but in cookie form.

The addition of white chocolate chips only took the viral delight to the next level. Whether enjoyed as a dessert or for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with these yummy treats (except for, you know, with the whole color thing).

As for the viral reaction to her cookies, Doiron says it’s not the first time she’s seen one of her recipes, which include more colorful creations like matcha muffins and golden milk cookies, rise in popularity, but it’s still exciting.

“I love that people are trying the recipe and I love seeing their reactions,” she said. “Every time someone takes a picture and tags me on Instagram it makes my day, so I really can’t complain.”

Get Doiron’s Blueberry Cookies recipe here.

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