New Recipe: Timeless Memories, Spectacles, & Peanut Butter Cookies: An Ode To The Arclight


Sure, the
movies were slightly overpriced. Fine, there are other movie
theaters in Los Angeles. But you know what none of those other
places have? The Arclight Experience. That’s right – I, like most
of you, have been to a movie theater hundreds if not thousands of
times in my life, and none of Arclight’s competitors hold a candle
to this chain. From the superior sound and flawless picture to the
comfy chairs, excellent dining options, and the ability to pick
your own seats beforehand, the Arclight had it all. And now, it’s
closing its Los Angeles doors forever. Stupid COVID. As we all
mourn this incredible loss, I would like to say a few words about
this home away from home…



Growing up,
the closest theater to us was a Pacific, which was fine, but seeing
a movie there always left you sort of wanting more, if you know
what I mean. The theaters were normally empty or close to empty,
and generally lifeless. There weren’t a ton of food options,
especially for a family like ours that would bring our popcorn and
candy from home (shhh, don’t tell anyone). So, when we moved and
the Arclight simultaneously opened at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, it
was eye-opening for all of the right reasons.



The Arclight,
much unlike our local Pacific, was always full of people and
bustling with great energy. The Arclight that my family frequented
was right down the hill from where I live, and going there was
always an event. Sometimes we would eat dinner beforehand – maybe
at P.F. Chang’s, maybe at the nearby Paquito Mas, maybe at the
always-popping Cheesecake Factory – and other times we wouldn’t.
But regardless, my mom would park at the office building where she
works (which offers free parking on the weekends – add that to the
cheat code) and we would walk across the street to the Galleria,
always excited to see the movie of the moment. Of course, we were
always just (and I mean, JUST) on time, but no matter how rushed we
were to take our seats, the Arclight staff was always as nice as
could be, and since we had picked our seats ahead of time, there
was never a worry that we would have to sit in the dreaded front


Whether it beHigh School Musical 3, The King’s Speech, any one
of the Harry Potters, or just about anything in between, I
was always amazed by how high-quality the sound and picture were.
The staff always assured us before the trailers began that we could
speak to them if the quality was not to our liking, but that was
never even remotely an issue for us. I don’t think there was one
time a movie ever glitched, at least not that I can remember, and
the movie-going experience was always delightful from start to
finish. Between that, the well-kept bathrooms, those delicious
cookies I mentioned at the top, the cool wall that reflected
different trailers of the newest releases, and the ambiance as a
whole, going to Arclight was always incredibly escapist, and just a
joy. Simple as that.



Now that it’s
gone, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do. How am I going to run
into my 8th grade PE teacher and, like, literally everybody else
I’ve ever met now that the Arclight Sherman Oaks is gone? What will
replace this Valley stalwart? Where am I supposed to go now to
watch movies post-COVID – AMC? Edwards? Too far and, to be honest,
barely worth it. Yes, me saying that is pretty blasphemous,
considering I once worked at a Regal, but I only speak the truth
here. Everything at Arclight was more luxurious and made the
movie-going experience one that was actually worth the $20 TICKET.
Okay, maybe $20 was still a bit too steep, but I created memories
at that Arclight that I will never forget, and I saw some of my
favorite movies of all time at that very theater. Priceless, right?
I think so.


I think
that’s all I have to say about that. Needless to say, this is a
textbook champagne problem. But still, I’m incredibly upset. People
that live outside of this city may not see how a movie theater
closing could affect me so deeply when there are ten others within
a 10-mile radius, but I think I speak for many Angelenos, and
Valley kids in particular, when I say that this one will sting for
a while. I hope that the next theater we decide to call our own
will be as satisfactory as this one was. But in the meantime, we’ll
miss you, Arclight. Alexa, find me a chewy peanut butter cookie






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