New Recipe: Valentines Week 2022: 7 Desserts To Make Your Week Extra Special

The month of February is here. And, apart from the nip in the air, romance and love are also abundantly expressed this month. After all, Valentine’s week is approaching. Whether you are planning to propose that special someone or trying to add sweetness to a relationship, this week is simply perfect for it. Starting from Rose Day and concluding on Valentine’s Day, the week gives you a chance to do something special. And, cooking just the right dessert could be your way through it. Win the heart of your loved one with some delectable desserts this Valentine’s week. Here’s a list of dessert recipes for the occasion:

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1.Eggless Vanilla Cake

You may start the week with the simple classic dish: vanilla cake. If you don’t prefer eggs in your diet, here’s an eggless recipe for the same.


2.Caramel Custard

Add the irresistible sweetness of caramel to your Valentine’s week. Whip up this custard with a mix of eggs and milk and top it with caramelised sugar. You can also cook it in a pressure cooker.


3. Chocolate Mug Cake

Don’t just gift chocolates to your loved ones. Instead, bake this easy-peasy chocolate mug cake to add an extra tinge of sweetness to your gift.


4.Double Ka Meetha

Dip bread pieces in condensed milk, which is thickened and flavoured with saffron. Bake it and you’ve got a fuss-free dessert on your table.

5.Almond and Pistachio Shrikhand

Add the sweetness of Indian desserts to your Valentine’s week with this unforgivably delicious Shrikhand recipe. Saffron-infused milk, hung curd and dry fruits blend to perfection in this recipe.

6.Coconut Barfi

Want the distinct taste of coconut in your Valentine’s special recipe? Here’s the perfect dish for that. No need to look further if you have desiccated coconut, khoya, ghee, sugar syrup and dry fruits in your kitchen.

coconut barfi recipe

7.Flourless Chocolate Cake

Valentine’s week is incomplete without the majestic chocolate cake. You can turn it into a healthier dessert by cutting down on the flour content. Eggs, chocolate, sugar, butter and flaked almonds are all that you need for this recipe.

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