New Recipe: Viral Recipe: This Pull-Apart Pizza Bread Is A Delicious Snack That You Can Share

Although we are still less than halfway through 2021, the year has been phenomenal in terms of food trends. Dalgona coffee and banana bread are now passe, as there are a number of new food trends to be seen this year. Now, hyperreal cakes have been replaced by tsunami and pinata cake. There was an easy wrap hack which went viral, and so did the baked Feta pasta. New and innovative food trends keep getting added to the list, flooding our timelines and making us drool. And the latest addition to the food trends of 2021 is the pull-apart pizza bread! Take a look at the creation that’s mesmerising the internet.

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Food bloggers and creators on the internet have come up with a new recipe for pull-apart pizza bread. The invention is yet another product of the lockdown, as it involves minimal ingredients and a simple cooking process. Further, the end results of the viral bread recipe are delicious to taste and a visual treat too.

If you spend your time watching ‘cheese pull’ videos on the internet, the pull-apart pizza bread is for you. The idea is to create slits from the top so that the base stays intact for people to pull apart from. Another plus point is that one can simply dig into the viral bread recipe, with a bite-sized portion for everyone to take. Thus, the pull-apart pizza bread is perfect for a socially distanced get together with friends or a movie night with loved ones!

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How To Make Pull-Apart Pizza Bread | Viral Recipe For Pull-Apart Pizza Bread


1 large Bread Roll

3 tbsp Pizza sauce

100 gram grated Pizza Cheese

1 tbsp Pizza Seasoning

Vegetables or Meat toppings of choice (optional)


1. Create slits on all sides of the bread, starting from the centre to the edges.

2. Slather the pizza sauce in the centre and drizzle the toppings.

3. Sprinkle grated cheese and pizza seasoning.

4. Bake the bread roll at 180 degrees for 10 minutes or until cheese begins to melt.

5. Serve hot and dig in!

So, try this delicious snack recipe for pull-apart pizza bread. Trust us, you’ll love every bite!

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