New Recipe: Want to make eggless chocolate mousse? Here are 7 easy steps you must follow

To celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day we have curated a stepwise guide on how to make eggless chocolate mousse in just 7 simple steps:

Updated: Sat, 03 Apr 2021 08:12 AM IST

New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A sweet is one such thing that one will never get bored of, rather will make people go weak in the knees. It’s like that lover who is always there when needed the most. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Chocolate. It is one such sweet that is loved in any form, whether in ice cream, coffee or cakes. Well, you must be wondering as to why we are talking about chocolate today? It’s because we are celebrating one of its forms, that is, Mousse Day. Every year on April 3, National Chocolate Mousse Day is observed in the US, now, as the day has arrived, we have curated a stepwise guide on how to make eggless chocolate mousse in just 7 simple steps:

What is Mousse?

Mousse is a soft foam that is in a light foamy texture, and it is usually made with eggs and cream.

Ingredients required for eggless chocolate mousse:

For this easy recipe, all you need is choco chips, Hershey’s chocolate and whipped cream.

How to make eggless chocolate mousse in simple steps:

Step 1: You need to take the Hershey’s chocolate and then have to cut into small pieces and melt it well.

Step 2: Now, add half a cup of whipped cream to the melted chocolate and stir it well.

Step 3: Once you are done with this process, you need to keep the bowl of melted chocolate aside for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Now, you need to take another bowl and have one cup of cream in it, add the whisked chocolate to it.

Step 5: Now, whisk all of it well and transfer it into a small glass or bowl.

Step 6: You can decorate by spreading the chocolate powder over it.

Step 7: Once you are done decorating the mousse, serve it well with a small spoon and you are done.

You can enjoy this amazing dessert after dinner. Happy National Chocolate Mousse Day.

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