New Recipe: WATCH: National Milk Tart Day – Taste test results revealed

IN celebration of National Milk Tart Day, journalists and staff from Northglen News, Berea Mail and Highway Mail taste-tested four milk tarts from local grocers in the north Durban area.  

The candidates, randomly chosen, were Monti’s Deli and Cafe’ at Mount Edgecombe KwikSPAR, Checkers Cornubia, Pick n Pay Cornubia and Woolworths Mount Edgecombe.  

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Each tart, labeled with numbers one to four, was judged on taste, appearance and texture. Nobody knew which tart belonged to which store which added to the fun.  

The winner was Monti’s Cafe and Deli, which scored 23 points out of 30.

In second place was Woolies scoring 19, earning third place was Checkers with 17 and in fourth place was Pick n Pay Cornubia following closely behind with a score of 16 points.  

The winning tart, which is also egg-free, earned itself comments such as: “Mmmmm, nice and creamy” and “nice base, creamy texture and the right amount of sugar.”  

Another taster commented: “I loved the taste. Not too sweet and just the right base.”  

This milk tart costs R40.99.                      


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