New Recipe: Weekend recipe; Vegan salted caramel ‘ice-cream’ cake

It’s always so disappointing when it rains on the weekend. We’re so cooped up with working form home that when the weekend rolls around, we want to make the most of the days getting longer and increased light.

But when it’s like this, we just feel like curling up with a film and calling it a day.

Instead of whiling away the hours waiting for the rain to stop, something that I like to do that feels productive and relaxing is to bake. And when I cam across this vegan ‘ice cream’ salted caramel cake, I knew I simple had to share it with you.

sliced cakes on round brown wooden plates

Full of tropical coconut, delicious nuts and creamy textures without the dairy, this stunning cake is no-bake winner in our eyes!

You’ll need…

100g unsalted peanuts

350ml full fat coconut milk

5tbsp maple syrup

8tbsp peanut butter

200g 70% cacao vegan dark chocolate

5tbsp coconut sugar

200g oats

Sea salt

1/2tsp Vanilla extract

4tbsp Coconut oil

200g plain cashews

Pour your oats into a blender and blend until reduced to a fine flour.

Add in 3tbsp of maple syrup and 4tbsp of peanut butter and blend to create a crumbly texture.

Line your baking tin with parchment paper and empty the contents of the blender into it, using a spatula to spread it evenly across the base and pack it in tightly.

Freeze this for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, put your cashews, 100ml of coconut milk and the coconut oil into the clean blender along with the remaining maple syrup and vanilla extract and blend until smooth.

Take the base out of the freezer and pour the contents of the blender over it, ensuring it covers all the base evenly.

Freeze this for 30 minutes.

Put 150ml coconut milk in a pan over medium heat. Add in remaining peanut butter, coconut sugar and a pinch of salt. Cook, stirring continuously for 2-3 minutes to create a caramel-esque liquid. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.

Remove the tray from the freezer and top with peanuts, before covering it over with the now cooled mixture.

Freeze for 30 minutes.

Melt dark chocolate in a bowl over hot water. Add remaining coconut milk and pour over the contents of the baking tray.

Freeze for 3-4 hours.

Top with crushed peanuts and voila! Perfectly vegan ice cream cake!

slice of caramel cake on black plate beside fork

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