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I sort of love Valentine’s Day, which is coming up on Monday, and which I acknowledge is a little ridiculous as a day on the calendar. But I find its retro sweetness irresistible, especially when it’s done right, with French toast, strong cocktails, fudgy desserts and homemade Valentines.

I don’t yet know what I’m making this year, aside from Genevieve Ko’s new flourless chocolate cake. What I do know is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. It just needs to be tailored to the one(s) you love, and what they love. Does that mean nachos? French-bread pizza? Stuffed shells? Tacos al pastor? Bulgogi? Buttermilk roast chicken? Coconut curry fish? I think one of the best dinners for two is shrimp cocktail with a big salad and a baguette on the side. Do not forget drinks.

We have tons of Valentine’s Day recipes for you, and Eric Kim also wrote a wonderful menu for two that you can cook with your sweetie, complete with cute individual beef Wellingtons. Oh yeah, there is also a huge football game on Sunday: There are recipes for the Super Bowl over this way. And I’m here at for your questions or requests.

Risotto’s luxurious, creamy texture makes it feel fancy, and that it requires a lot of attention at the stove makes its appearances rare. But Hetty McKinnon bakes this recipe, which eliminates the constant stirring; she also uses Thai curry paste and coconut milk to make a dish that is enormously flavorful, creamy and vegan, too.

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