New Recipe: Weird Food Combos Are Not Going Anywhere in 2022

Weird food combos have been all the rage on social media for a while and the daily addition to the expanding list is only proof that the trend is here to stay. Desis have been getting more creative and experimental with their culinary expeditions. Some of them hit the bullseye and some miss it by miles, causing Twitter to erupt into collective disgust, but these bizarre food combinations sure can capture the limelight. Be it the ‘Corona vada’ that has a unique shock value or the Dosa ice cream and Momo ice cream rolls that might make you hurl, these dishes are on the minds of netizens every other day. We’re barely a month into the new year and already, a number of these dishes have managed to create a ruckus on Twitter. We take you through a few of them so that you wouldn’t be too shocked if you happened to chance upon them on the roadside.

The Corona Vada

This vada is just like any other vada but in a shape similar to the novel coronavirus. The video of this unique vada-making was shared online by Twitter user, Mimpi. The clip begins as a regular recipe video ,and the chef starts making a dough of rice flour, cumin seeds and salt, kneading it with lukewarm water. For the stuffing, she then uses potato, onions, grated carrots, curry leaves and some regular spices. After filling the stuffing into the dough balls, the chef coats the dish with soaked rice to give it the unique look.

Momo Ice Cream Rolls

A street vendor can be seen preparing the momo ice cream rolls by first crushing a few steamed momos, adding a little milk to it, later adding vanilla ice cream to it and mixing it all by adding a few drops of spicy red chutney. Putting the mixture on a slab and making rolls out of it, he served it by garnishing it with mayonnaise and red chutney.

Masala Dosa Ice Cream Rolls

An eatery in Delhi thought that it would be a great idea to mash in masala dosa into ice cream and then make rolls with the resultant mix. The video posted by the handle ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ on Instagram not only went viral, but also made ‘dosa’ trend on Twitter. Users had a meltdown over the Masala Dosa Ice Cream rolls.

Double Cheese Golgappa

A golgappa dish served with curd and cheese filling, the Tandoori Double Cheese Golgappa, was made by a street vendor in Indore. The golgappa is believed to be the most loaded in the city. In the clip, you can see that the golgappas have mashed potatoes and boondi in it as well as salted sev, chutney, whipped curd, cheese and beetroot. And if this was not enough, the vendor then added more grated cheese to it. According to the vendor, one golgappa of this plate weighs 100 grams.

Ice Cream Wrapped in 24K Foil

A food blogger, who goes by the name of Abhinav Jeswani, shared a video of a dessert, coated with gold foil instead of silver. Posting the video on his Instagram page, Just Nagpur Things, Abhinav revealed that the gold foil-covered ice cream is known as the Mini Midas and it comes at the price of Rs 500 plus taxes.

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