New Recipe: What to cook this snowy weekend

If you’re heading out today to stock up on groceries before the big storm but need inspiration for what to cook, we are here for you. Here are some recent recipes from the Globe Food team that will fill you up, warm you up, and hopefully fuel you through several shoveling sessions.

Globe contributor Sally Pasley Vargas says, “As we head into the heart of winter, it’s time to make a big, comforting pot of old-fashioned beef stew. This one’s packed with chunks of carrot, pearl onions, cremini (baby bella) mushrooms, and small yellow potatoes and isn’t fancy. It’s just plain good, with tons of flavor.” Find the recipe here.

Sheryl Julian’s chicken soup.Sheryl Julian

You may have read Sheryl Julian’s sassy story this week about how she makes the best chicken soup around. If you’re eager to test it out, find her recipe here. But remember: “The secret to good chicken soup is simple: you need a high proportion of chicken to water. Please never begin with commercial chicken broth or bone broth and never add chicken bouillon cubes or granules to the pot at any stage.”

Saucy Lo Mein Noodles with Vegetables.Sheryl Julian

Globe contributor and cookbook author Nina Simonds says, “You can add meat, seafood, or tofu to the vegetables, if you like” to her vegetarian lo mein noodles. “Spoon the vegetables in their sauce over the noodles and you have a sumptuous one-dish meal for the Lunar New Year or a satisfying winter dinner anytime.” Find the recipe here.

Mushroom Ragu.Sally Pasley Vargas

Another from Sally Pasley Vargas, this one meatless: “This mushroom ragu, bolstered by some quick-cooking dried red lentils, is tossed with fettuccine for a satisfying supper. Dried mushrooms add an intense layer of mushroom flavor; if you can’t find dried shiitakes, try using porcini, oyster mushrooms, or chanterelles.” She’s right — “nothing dull in this bowl.” Find the recipe here.

Vegetarian Bean Stew with Sourdough Croutons.Sheryl Julian

Sheryl Julian says her vegetarian bean stew “is quite creamy. Add sourdough croutons for a little crunch. If you have leftovers, just keep reheating the pot, adding a little more liquid every time. In fact, the soup tastes better the next day, particularly with other cooked vegetables added to the pot (toss in whatever’s left from another dinner), or handfuls of greens.” Find the recipe here.

Naked Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream.Karoline Boehm Goodnick

Apparently Jan. 27 was National Chocolate Cake Day and we missed it. But it’s never too late to celebrate. Bake up a storm during the storm by making this single-layer chocolate cake topped with chocolate cream, from Globe Food contributor Karoline Boehm Goodnick. Find the recipe here.

Or, if you’re in a hurry to go out and play in the snow, consider this six-minute gem Globe Food critic Devra First wrote about in her Cooking From Home newsletter a while back. “Right now we need recipes we can rely on, that aren’t profligate with ingredients, that offer dependable results. Like this chocolate cake from Moosewood. It is a delicious vehicle for all kinds of frostings, whipped cream and strawberries, or a simple sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar. It can be made into cupcakes or doubled for layer cakes. It is easy to assemble, dirties a bare minimum of dishes, and happens to be vegan. You can mix it right in the baking pan if you’d like.” Find the recipe here.

Moosewood’s six minute chocolate cake.Devra First

Happy shoveling.

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