New Recipe: Whisked Away Bakery Puts the Dine in Stein & Dine

You’ve heard of making lemons with lemonade? Samantha Weber’s twist was to start a baking business with her grandma’s sugar cookies. When the pandemic forced an employment change Weber took the family recipe and Whisked Away Bakery was born. “My grandma said, ‘Take this recipe and do something with it!’” Weber recalls.

Her experience as a pastry cook is the basis for her edible creations. One customer was so impressed with the cookies Weber made for her book club’s 10-year anniversary said “she was going to save a cookie to show at the 20 year anniversary party!”

What can folks taste at Stein & Dine? Whisked Away will have samples of their classic sugar cookies as well as chocolate stout cake, “to be very on-brand with the theme!” Other possibilities include their signature cookie Sammie’s (two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with buttercream) and a seasonal flavor of carrot cake cookies with cream cheese frosting in the middle.

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