New Recipe: Who are Richard Harris and Sarah Bier? Meet ‘Nailed It!’ duo who won $10,000 for Hades and Medusa cakes

‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ is back on Netflix. Even though it is branded as a ‘spin-off,’ the premise is the same as the original show. Participants are asked to recreate exceptionally beautiful cakes with intricate designs which can be a sure-shot recipe for disaster for inexperienced home bakers. But their trials in the kitchen usually mean a lot of laughs for hosts and judges Nicole Byer and chocolatier Jacques Torres.

The show began filming in a California facility after the Covid-19 regulations were relaxed to a certain extent. To be specific, all ‘Nailed It!’ seasons have been shot in a studio in Burbank city in San Fernando Valley which is just 12 miles from Hollywood. A lot of shows including ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ and ‘Conan’ are shot in the area.



Sarah Bier and Richard Harris in ‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ (Netflix)


Coming back to the show, Richard Harris and his sister-in-law, Sarah Bier, were the winners of the first episode of ‘Nailed It! Double Trouble.’ The title of the episode, ‘An Ungodly Mess,’ was a riff on the theme of creating desserts named after Greek gods. Continue reading below to know more about them and also what happened in the episode itself. Spoilers ahead!

Who are Richard Harris and Sarah Bier?

According to her LinkedIn account, Sarah isn’t currently employed. However, she was working as a Director of Sales for the Hoxton between April 2019 to November 2019. Prior to that, she fulfilled the same position at Ace Hotel/Atelier Ace for four years. Her stint at the hotel came after working as a pastry catering sales manager at Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet market.

Sarah is married to Alex Rio who she dated for four years before tying the knot with him fifteen years ago. They live in Los Angeles and have a cat and a dog.


London-born and LA-based Richard Harris is a songwriter and producer who has created a number of songs for a number of network television shows. His most famous one is ‘Own It,’ which he wrote it in collaboration with Amy Stroup and Patricia Bahia for ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.’ He performed the end title song of Tyler Perry’s movie ‘The Single Mom’s Club’ called ‘Break Me Off’ under his alter ego moniker KiDD R!CH. 

Richard Harris and Sarah Bier won $10,000 in first episode of ‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ 

In this season of ‘Nailed It’, each episode saw three teams of two people each compete against each other. Richard and Sarah went head to head against a pair of friends and a mother-daughter duo. Richard is married to Sarah’s elder sister Lesley Harris but she considers him her brother.

They featured on the first episode titled ‘An Ungodly Mess’ and in the first challenge they had to recreate a Hades cupcake. Their competitors had to make an Aphrodite and Zeus cupcake respectively.

Sarah Bier and Richard Harris in ‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ (Netflix)


At the end of the challenge, Sarah and Richard’s creation looked the best as well as tasted better than the rest. Their creativity level too was higher than the other teams; their decision for adding red sparkle to their cupcake mix was lauded by judges.

“We are adding a little bit of red to make sort of the fires of hell come alive,” Sarah had said while adding red sparkle to their cupcake mix, a decision that paid off. They won cordless kitchen appliances that included a hand mixer, food processor, and hand blender, for winning the round. 

For the second challenge, they had to create a snake-headed Medusa cake and it turned out to be the best of the lot once again. In their introduction, the two had spoken about their compatibility as kitchen partners which was built after years of preparing family meals during holidays. All of that worked in their favor and they walked out of the competition with the winning title and $10,000 prize money. 

Sarah Bier and Richard Harris in ‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ (Netflix)


‘Nailed It! Double Trouble’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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