New Recipe: Why Kilwins’ Sea Salt Caramel is the best ice cream you’ll put to your lips

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First, a bit of an education.

Most ice cream is cheap. That’s because air is free.

“There is a term in the ice cream business called overrun, which is air injected into the ice cream,” said John Murray, III, owner of Babylon Kilwins, purveyors of super-premium, high butterfat ice cream.

“Most mass produced ice cream has very high overrun,” Murray said.

Kilwins ice cream is designed so overrun is minimal.

And the undisputed king of super-premium Kilwins ice cream flavors is the Sea Salt Caramel.

It’s been the brand’s best-seller for years.

Must be that blend of salt, sweet, vanilla and — our favorite — those little cubes of goodness called “chocolate-covered caramel candies.”

As promised in the headline, it’s the best ice cream you’ll ever put to your lips. But the only place you can find Kilwins Original Recipe Ice Cream is at the stores. So don’t bother checking the supermarket; it’s not there.

insider notes

• For the faithful, we have some news about their favorite ice cream on earth, which people are known to drive upwards of an hour to get.

Kilwins, a national brand, recently rolled out a Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate.

• Murray’s recommended way to enjoy Sea Salt Caramel is in a freshly pressed waffle cone.

• Kilwins stores now offer a Sea Salt Caramel ice cream cake, too. This way salted caramel can be enjoyed at family celebrations.

Address: 130 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon.

Phone: 631-482-8551

Kilwins’ Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream in a waffle cone.

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