New Recipe: Woman turns McFlurry into cake using one other ingredient but some say it’s ‘sacrilege’

During lockdown, amateur home bakers have been inspired more than ever to get cooking, making cakes, banana bread, brownies and more.

A number of recipes have gone viral over the last few months, with many people trying out bakes with very few ingredients.

And now there’s a new food trend taking off online, where people are using a McDonald’s McFlurry to make a two-ingredient cake.

The recipe was shared on TikTok by Emily Canham, who explained how she added self-raising flour to a bowl and mixed in a Malteaser McFlurry.

She then popped the mixture back into the McFlurry pot and placed it in the microwave for around two minutes.

A Malteaser McFlurry
She starts by getting a Malteaser McFlurry

Once the time was up, Emily showed what the ‘cake’ looked like by taking it out of the pot and removing a piece to taste.

She added: “You just have to add flour and it tastes so good.”

More than 400,000 people have watched her clip and some viewers were inspired to give it a go themselves.

A woman named Amy Burrows, who posts on @heyitsamess, tested out the McFlurry cake and seemed equally impressed with the results.

A McFlurry and some self-raising flour in a bowl
You add self-raising flour to the ice cream and mix

The finished product, a rubbery looking cake in a McFlurry pot
It then goes in the microwave to make a ‘cake’

“I’ve just seen Emily Canham’s new post, she basically microwaved a McFlurry and turned it into a cake, so of course I’ve got to give it a go,” she said.

“So I’ve laid out 77 grams of self-raising flour and I’ve got a Malteasers McFlurry exactly the same as her.

“I’ve added it in, I’m just going to give it a little stir around but I definitely need two hands to do that. Giving it a good old mix. I’ve only added about half of the batter in and I’ve popped it in the microwave for two minutes.

“Oh my gosh it actually worked. Oh my god that is so nice.”

People on TikTok were divided over the McFlurry cake, with some keen to try it but others unsure.

One person branded it “sacrilege”.

Another said: “Omg I need to do this!!”

“That can’t be good,” replied a third.

Someone else asked: “Sorry but who even does this?”

“Raw flour and cardboard in the microwave? Please don’t actually do this at home,” urged a different user.

A sixth proclaimed: “THIS IS AMAZING.”

“I’ll stick to the ice cream,” added a seventh.

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