New Recipe: Wonderful vegan ice cream recipe that only takes 3 ingredients

If you only find ice cream recipes that involve milk or another type of animal fat, it’s time you got to know this option. That’s because this vegan ice cream very simple to make, it offers an irresistible flavor, even if it is free of ingredients of animal origin.

In fact, many people who had some resistance to trying vegan recipes found in this ice cream a surprising flavor. Therefore, he is a great tip for those looking to introduce this type of food to people who are still unaware of the ways of vegan food.

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And best of all, it’s a very simple recipe to make and needs only three ingredients. That is, even those who have little time available or are in a hurry will be able to make this delight, so check out the necessary ingredients.

Strawberry vegan ice cream recipe


  • 10 frozen bananas;
  • 5 strawberries;
  • 50 ml of filtered water.

Note that it is very important that the bananas are frozen, so that you can achieve the consistency of ice cream. Also, don’t add more water than recommended, as this can turn your ice cream into a smoothie.

Method of preparation

With the ingredients in hand, take them to the blender, where you should blend them all for at least five minutes, or until you get a creamy consistency. However, if you notice difficulties when blending the mixture in the blender, use the help of a spoon to stir at intervals.

Then, after you get to the right spot, take your ice cream to the freezer and leave it there for at least an hour. Finally, after that time, you can serve this wonder to your guests and family, or enjoy yourself! This very simple recipe is sure to be a hit in your home, so no one will even miss the animal ingredients.

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