10 Unusual Cake Decorating Items and Their Names

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next cake decorating project, why not try one of these unusual cake decorating items?

1. Cake lace – This delicate lace can be used to create beautiful patterns on your cakes.

2. Cake stencils – Use these to create perfect shapes and patterns on your cakes.

3. Fondant cutters – These are great for creating intricate shapes and designs in fondant.

4. Piping bags – These are essential for creating detailed designs with icing.

5. Spatulas – These are essential for smoothing out icing and fondant.

6. Turntables – These are great for easily decorating cakes.

7. Cake boards – These are essential for supporting and transporting cakes.

8. Cake toppers – These can be used to add a special touch to your cakes.

9. Cake stands – These are great for displaying your cakes.

10. Cake boxes – These are essential for storing and transporting cakes.