Basic Kibble Recipe: A Comprehensive Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved Players


Crafting the perfect Basic Kibble in ARK: Survival Evolved is not only about adding a dash of convenience to your gameplay but also about nurturing your tames with the care they deserve. This versatile kibble, which can be used to imprint baby dinosaurs and tame early-game creatures, is surprisingly simple to make. With just a few basic ingredients – Dodo eggs, thatch (not wood, to prevent charcoal production), a cooking pot, and a touch of patience, you’re set to create a nutritional staple for your creatures. This guide will take you through the nuances of crafting Basic Kibble, incorporating insights from experienced players who’ve shared their strategies on platforms like Pinterest and Dododex.

Understanding Basic Kibble

Basic Kibble is designed for ARK players at the start of their journey. It’s the easiest kibble to craft and provides a straightforward way to feed your dinosaurs. The ingredients include small eggs, like those from a Dodo, combined with fiber, water, and a few other accessible materials. The recipe’s simplicity makes it a go-to for early-game taming and nurturing.

Ingredients Breakdown

The Essentials:

  • Dodo Eggs: Often cited by players for their ease of collection, especially in areas like Ragnarok’s highlands, where Dodos are abundant.

  • Fiber: Acts as the binder for your kibble mixture.

  • Water: A basic necessity for any cooking in ARK.

  • Thatch: Recommended over wood to avoid the unintended production of charcoal, which could complicate the cooking process.

The Process:

  1. Gathering Eggs: Begin by setting up a small Dodo farm. Enclosing about 6 Dodos in a penned area allows for easy egg collection, as noted by players.

  2. Cooking Setup: Use a cooking pot and ensure it’s linked to a water source if using an industrial cooker for bulk preparation. Be vigilant about removing any charcoal if you opt for wood as a fuel source.

  3. Mixing Ingredients: Place the exact amount of each ingredient into the pot along with a water container. For industrial setups, direct water connection negates the need for water containers.

Tips from the Community

  • Efficiency with Oviraptors: Utilizing an Oviraptor can increase egg production, making the ingredient gathering phase more efficient.

  • Thatch Over Wood: To reiterate, using thatch instead of wood prevents the accidental creation of charcoal and dye, ensuring a smooth cooking process.

  • Batch Preparation: For players with access to an industrial cooker, batch preparation is possible and recommended for efficiency.

Addressing Common Concerns

Some players express frustration when their initial attempts at kibble crafting don’t go as planned. It’s crucial to ensure that all ingredients are correctly measured and the cooking pot is monitored to prevent any mishaps. Adjustments, such as slightly altering ingredient quantities or ensuring no unwanted items like charcoal find their way into the pot, can make a difference.

Closing Thoughts

Basic Kibble in ARK: Survival Evolved is a testament to the game’s intricate survival mechanisms, blending the thrill of dinosaur taming with the nuances of resource management and cooking. By following this guide, informed by community insights and proven tips, players can efficiently craft Basic Kibble, paving the way for a thriving dinosaur menagerie. Whether you’re an early-game player looking to secure your first tame or someone nurturing a growing collection of dinosaurs, mastering the art of Basic Kibble is a step towards ensuring the health and loyalty of your prehistoric companions.

Basic Kibble Recipe: A Comprehensive Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved Players