Fondant Wedding Cakes

The day a person says “I do” to his or her partner is one of the most special moments in a couple exchanging vows and making a life long commitment to each other. A wedding’s purpose is to celebrate the marriage in which a couple is legally and socially sanctioned into union being regulated by rules, customs, laws, and beliefs. In some cultures, a wedding celebration would not just only last a day but others would go on for a week. It is a celebration being witnessed by the couple’s parents, friends, and relatives. 


For most of this occasion, a wedding cake becomes a highlight of the celebration. A cake has become a symbol of happiness and of the good life to the newlywed couple. In some cultures, the wedding cake is being broken over the bride’s head thus ensuring the bride’s fertility. It is also believed that by doing this tradition would bring good fortune to the newlywed couple. For visitors of the bride and groom, eating the crumbs of the wedding cake could possibly bring good luck.


Most couples choose to have fondant wedding cakes during a wedding celebration. For starters, a fondant is just basically a mixture of glucose, sugar, water, and gelatin. It is cooked to a soft-ball stage and then beaten smooth. A fondant cake is mostly preferred by couples who wanted a cake to have a silky texture and smooth finishing. It is also ideal for couples who wanted something with a sculpture design on their wedding cake. 


Usually, in order to change the fondant’s color, a food coloring or artificial flavor is being added. Sometimes, a fondant wedding cake could often be mistaken as fake or just a display food not meant to be eaten. This is because fondant cakes could mimic something realistic. People would often ask themselves whether they could eat or not. 


Of course, a fondant cake has some of its pros and cons. One of its pros is that fondant can be rolled out very easily in order to cover the exterior of a cake. It could also seal the moisture of the cake making sure that the sponge is moist and much more flavorful when the cake is cut. As mentioned earlier, a fondant could be easily sculpted into something like a basket weave, bows, flowers, and everything you could possibly imagine.


In terms of its cons, a fondant cake could sometimes have an overpowering amount of sweet taste and artificial flavor since it is mostly made out of sugar and another artificial flavoring. This must be kept in mind by the couple who opted to choose a fondant cake during their wedding. Also, it is worth considering that a fondant cake is much more expensive than let’s say a buttercream. 


Aside from fondant wedding cakes, a couple could also opt for something like the oh so ever-popular buttercream frosting. This type of wedding cake frosting has a delicious and creamy butter mellow taste. Its flavor could also enhance the sponge inside thus creating a harmonious taste. Just like its fondant counterpart, a buttercream frosting could also be colored with food coloring. A buttercream frosting could be piped to create texture and other effects. Most people prefer buttercream frosting over fondant cake because it’s not too sweet, especially those with less sugar composition like meringue buttercream variants. 


If you think a buttercream frosting doesn’t have any flaws or cons, well, it definitely has and sometimes could lead to most people opting for fondant rather than a buttercream frosting. For starters, a buttercream frosting could look a bit messy especially when it’s not done properly or being rushed. Buttercream frosting could also melt if it’s exposed under high temperatures thus making it not ideal for outdoor wedding locations with hot summer-like temperatures. Also, a fondant cake is much preferred by some people over buttercream frosting because it could project a wider array of colors and could have richer shade than the latter. 


Before we end our topic about fondant wedding cake let’s have some interesting facts, there’s a wedding cake that is not related to weddings and nor is a cake. This wedding cake is called wedding cake strain or sometimes known as pink cookies or birthday cake. It is an uplifting Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is popular for its relaxing and euphoric effects. Wedding cake strain is often used for recreational and medical applications. It also has a 16 up to 25 percent of THC composition and just like wedding cake strain there’s also a gelato strain which is a hybrid cannabis strain that has THC composition of about 20 to 25 percent. Well, wedding cake strain and gelato strain don’t exactly taste the same as your traditional fondant wedding cake, buttercream frosting, or any nuptial dessert. It’s just here in case you encounter the word and might be confused about it.