History of Cake Decorating

Have you ever wondered what kinds of cake decorating has changed throughout the ages? Or done any research to see if there’s any truth to this? History of cake making has changed a lot over the years. There are types of cake that are healthier, some that are lower in fat, and some that are “bad” for you (fatty). Yes, there’s a correlation!

history of cake decorating

One of the biggest changes was in the type of icing. For many years people used lard or tallow to frost their cakes. This was a traditional method that came from the old English tradition of making moist cakes. These moist cakes were then dried out and made into “craft”. From here the “kraft” style of decorating began, and eventually buttercream became the most popular method of cake making.

However, this doesn’t take away from the old English tradition of moist cakes baked in pans with a moist layer on top. The main difference now is we have the option of making cakes that are much healthier. We can make the frosting out of whole grain flour or sugar instead of hydrogenated fats. If we want to add flavor, then we can use to spice extracts and natural flavors. And we can even make baking much easier by using temperature-controlled ovens.

The earliest cakes were made from almonds. As civilization continued to evolve, so did the types of cakes. They began to move from being primarily dairy based to wheat cakes. Around the same time, they began to make cakes that included fruit, nuts and even chocolate. As baking became more commonplace, the cakes themselves became fancier and friendlier.

When the Industrial Revolution arrived, new types of equipment were introduced for bakers. The availability of wheat and corn made possible the production of sweetbreads such as cheese cakes and Christmas trees. While the yeast-based cakes were popular, people were also enjoying the convenience and the benefits of apple, lemon and cinnamon flavored icing.

In America, baking began to be more recognized as an art. The “lash” became a form of expression. Bakers began to decorate and package their cakes in fancier packaging and with more decorative items. One of the first shows to use professional cake decorators was at the Old Country Club in New York City in 1886.

Sugarpaste became a favorite for many years. It became so popular because it combined the best of both pastries and cake decorating. Sugarpaste was a rich fruit flavored icing and was not only delicious but it also made a beautifully thick frosting. This made it easier for bakers to incorporate decorative items in the cake. It became so popular that American pastry cooks began to create their own versions of sugarpaste cakes.

One of the things that remained the same over the centuries is that chocolate is the symbol of richness and luxury. Rich chocolate cake was considered the symbol of wealth for most of human history. The rich tradition of putting a chocolate layer cake on an occasion like a birthday was started by the English in the 18th century. After this, it moved from the high to the low class. The rich tradition of putting chocolate icing on a cake became so popular that it was considered the symbol of weddings until the Second World War.

Another important development in the history of cake decorating came about because people no longer needed to have an old fashioned, hot, dirty oven in order to bake a great cake. New technological innovations made baking much easier. These innovations included temperature-controlled ovens made cooking much easier and more sanitary. These ovens made baking much easier and sanitary.

There was a big advancement in cake decorating when confectioners began to use royal icing on their cakes. Royal icing was made out of white sugar with a hint of raspberry or almond. This royal icing was thicker than most other sugar-based icing. Because of the thickness of the royal icing, it looked much better and more elegant than other kinds of icing. This royal icing made wedding cakes look like they were created for the royal court.

These days, the history of cake decorating is an intriguing one. It includes many different kinds of advancements that have changed the way that we eat and enjoy cake. In fact, the bride and groom may choose to eat their fruit cake instead of having one made for them. If they decide to do so, the bride and groom could be getting the most elaborate looking cake on the block without having to worry about the health of their stomachs! A wedding cake would look like it was an expensive piece of artwork rather than just dessert.